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Waco Texas Events

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During the winter months or times of inclement weather, it’s best to remove your patio furniture from outdoors and safely store it. Learning how to store patio furniture can save you a fortune in the long run, as it will protect the furniture and...
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How Big is a 10-Foot x 15-Foot Storage Unit?

When considering renting a storage unit, it's essential to understand the dimensions and capacity of the space you'll be working with. One commonly available size is the 10' x 15' storage unit. While it’s certainly not the only size, it is one of...

Extra Space Storage Doesn’t Equal Extra Savings in Texas

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but when it comes to savings, Extra Space Storage doesn't measure up. While many people gravitate towards the “big” name they see on signs when seeking extra space for their belongings, it's important to remember...
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Space & Savings: Starter Homes & Storage Units in Salado and Temple

Imagine having access to extra space without having to compromise on budget. It may sound too good to be true, but it's not.  You can achieve it by leveraging budget-friendly starter homes in combination with storage units. This solution is...
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Temple Texas Restaurants

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Jarrell, TX – Future Growth Prospects Look Promising

With a remarkable story of resilience and promising future prospects, Jarrell, TX is a city on the rise in the heart of Williamson County. In 1997, the then-town was devastated by a tornado that caused widespread destruction and claimed the lives...
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“Clean facilities, warm and friendly staff, Best Buy for your money, definitely recommend.”

Brian Lewis

5 star review

“Great place and amazing customer service!!! Have been storing at this location on and off for years and they are always incredibly helpful and able to meet my storage needs. Amazing prices!”

Kristina Bulls

5 star review

“Very organized and well kept storage facility. Security cameras also covers the entire facility. “

Kenroy Smith

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