Motorcycle Storage in Texas Best Practices

Motorcycle Storage in Texas

With summer flying by, it’s never too early to think about motorcycle storage. Even if you enjoy riding your motorcycle during the Texas winter, there are seasons of life, such as military service (especially with the proximity of Fort Hood to our locations) or short-term work assignments away from home, that may limit your motorcycle riding routine. There are many things to keep in mind as you prepare your motorcycle for long term storage. Here are some helpful storage tips to keep your motorcycle in best shape:

  1. Change all fluids
    Before you put away your motorcycle for the season, it’s always a good idea to change all the fluids like oil, brake, clutch, and coolant. Changing these fluids periodically is crucial to the optimal performance of the bike, and this is a great time to clean out those old fluids and put in fresh ones.
  2. Drain the gas tank
    Please drain the gas tank all or most of the gas tank if possible; it reduces the chances of fire. Also, your motorcycle will start up faster with fresh gas after you remove your motorcycle from storage.
  3. Prep the surface
    With a good amount of riding, the surface of your bike is bound to collect things like dirt and dead bugs. Now wash your bike thoroughly and make sure to dry it completely too, as water spots can damage the bike’s finish as well. Now that the surface is clean, add a layer of wax to protect the surface against moisture and rust.
  4. Prep moving parts
    As you are waxing the surface of the bike, make sure to remember to also wax/lubricate the chain properly. Get it warmed up beforehand so the lube would dissolve quicker, allowing it to enter the O-Ring chain to work properly.
  5. Take care of the battery
    Battery and cold just don’t get along. It’s a good idea to just take out the battery during the winter to protect it from the cold. It’s a good idea to have it on a trickle charger to prep for the upcoming season.
  6. Cover openings
    An easy way to keep out pests and vermin out of the exhaust/muffler is to wrap it with a plastic bag. Small insects will be looking for a place to stay for the winter and this prevents any unwanted guests from getting into your bike.
  7. Keep it off the ground
    Leaving a bike on the ground for an extended period of time puts stress on the tires. Use something like a motorcycle stand to prop up the bike and maintain the condition of the bike.
  8. Get it covered
    Investing in a good motorcycle cover not only protects it from dirt and dust that could scratch the paint, but also keeps the moisture off, and would prevent a build up under the cover that would lead to rust.

Your bike is now ready for storage! We at Amy’s Attic Self Storage provide various options of climate-controlled storage units that would keep your bike in superb condition. All five of our conveniently located storage facilities provide motorcycle storage. Motorcycles fit well into our 5 x 10 storage units. Please contact us today at 855-426-9728 or visit us on the web at to determine the Texas storage location closest to you.

Motorcycle Storage best practices in Texas

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