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Where to Store Your RV in Belton, Harker Heights, Morgan’s Point Resort, and Salado, TX (and RV Storage Tips)

Texas is such an amazing place to travel around in an RV. Encompassing a variety of scenery (desert, forest, rivers, beaches, etc.), Texas has something for everyone. Many folks chose to spend time in New Braunfels to enjoy the Schlitterbahn waterpark, live music at Gruene Hall (the oldest dance hall in Texas), or the Natural Bridge Caverns. Another Texas hotspot is HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” famous city of Waco.

There is no shortage of spectacular places to visit in Texas. While traveling from good old, New Braunfels, to Waco, one might consider laying low for a while near central Texas’ famous Belton Lake. After spending your days fishing in the fish-stocked reservoir, checking out the murals on the retaining walls of the Belton Dam, or biking the trails at the Miller Springs Nature Center, you may want to store the RV for a more home-like or luxurious sleeping arrangement, such as, the nearby La Quinta Inn & Suites or 4-star hotel, Inn on the Creek. You may even need a place to store your RV, per HOA regulations, while spending part of the year at your Texas vacation home.

With convenient RV storage locations in Belton, Harker Heights, Morgan’s Point Resort, and Salado, Amy’s Attic Self Storage has everything you need to store your RV in a secure and accessible environment. Amy’s Attic RV storage features include:

  • Security features (24 hour surveillance, well lit, electronic gates, etc.)
  • Pest control (routine pest control treatments, walls and floors cleanings, and door deal checks and replacements, etc.)
  • Accessibility (wide driveway, well lit, electronic gates, 24×7 access at most facilities, etc.)
  • Versatility of storage options (“we have a storage unit to accommodate your needs”)
  • Cost (competitive pricing, month to month contracts, military discount, etc.)

To prepare your RV for storage, ensure that you follow these preparation guidelines.

Exterior Prep Tips for RV Storage

  • Wash and wax exterior thoroughly
  • Check for and repair any cracks or seam leaks
  • Park off of the grass
  • Lubricate all locks
  • Drain windshield washer reservoir
  • Cover with a breathable material to prevent mold and mildew
  • Cover rooftop vents and leave them open to provide ventilation
  • Screen or block external openings (plumbing vents, fridge vent, furnace exhaust, etc.)
  • Inflate tires to manufacturer specifications and cover to prevent sun damage
  • Chock wheels and leave parking break-off
  • Move tires periodically to avoid flat spots

Interior Prep Tips for RV Storage

  • Remove all perishable and consumable food and materials
  • Turn off all gas appliance
  • Turn off main gas supply valve
  • Remove the fuse from the gas leak detector
  • Clean and vacuum entire interior including cabinets
  • Defrost and clean refrigerator
  • Leave doors, cabinets, drawers, and fridge open
  • Clean AC filter and cover
  • Place mouse and insect traps
  • Turn off main breaker, unplug all appliances, and remove any dry cell batteries in battery operated items (flashlights, clocks, etc.)
  • Pull daytime shades to allow enough sunlight to prevent mold but not damage interior

Engine Prep Tips for RV Storage

  • Remove batteries (negative terminal first), clean terminals and posts, spray terminals with corrosion protectant, charge as required, and store in a cool dry place where they will not freeze
  • Fill fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer and run to allow stabilizer to go through the system via the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Change oil and oil filter
  • Check radiator for proper concentration of antifreeze. Consult owner’s manual for correct antifreeze type, concentration, and cleaning policies
  • At storage location and while engine is at idle, spray fogging oil into the engine intake via the manufacturer’s instructions

Generator Prep Tips for RV Storage

  • Fill fuel tank and add fuel stabilizer and run to allow stabilizer to go through the system via the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Change oil and oil filter
  • At storage location and while generator is at idle, spray fogging oil via manufacturer’s instructions

Plumbing & Tanks Prep Tips for RV Storage

  • Flush out waste tanks well and add ¼ tank of water to prevent them from drying out
  • Fill fresh water tank, add a little bleach, let sit for about 20 mins, empty, and flush
  • Add antifreeze to piping, valves, and tanks
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