Temple TX Storage Sizing Guide

Every one of our storage facilities offers a variety of storage types in a few different sizes. Use the following information as a rough estimation of exactly how much can fit in each unit:
5x5 unit

(25 sq. ft.): Approximately the size of a home wardrobe. Perfect for putting away additional thing such as boxes, twin-size mattresses, books, records/documents, and other little random things.

5x10 Unit

(50 sq. ft.): Perfect for putting away the things from a studio flat, including a couple of boxes, kitchen appliances, futons, seats, or even a bike.

Find out how you can utilize your 5×10 storage unit space by checking out our blog below.

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10x5 Unit

(50 sq. ft.): Like a 5×10 unit just with a more extensive entryway and shallower storage depth. Tends to make accessing your items slightly easier than a 5×10.

5x15 Unit

(75 sq. ft.): Perfect for putting away the contents of a 1-room loft. Perfect for furniture including a sofa, chair and little dinning set, sporting equipment, bikes, business stock, occasional things.

10x10 Unit

(100 sq. ft.): Perfect for putting away the contents of a 2-bedroom space. Ideal for holding a home theater, king-size mattresses, bigger machines, lounge area, furniture, and different things you’d find in a 2-bedroom space.

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10x15 Unit

(150 sq. ft.): Ideal for holding the contents of a 3-bedroom space. Awesome for putting away big screen t.v.’s, bicycles and other sporting gear, substantial furniture, full dining area set, or even music hardware like a drum set, or all the gear required for a few month-long visit.

10x20 Unit

(200 sq. ft.): Perfect for autos, pontoons, and different vehicles. A 10×20 unit is perfect for a little auto with some additional space to save or a 3 to 4-bedroom set. Fill remaining space with sports hardware, little furniture set, boxes, or other little to medium individual things.

Find out how you can utilize your 10×20 storage unit space by checking out our blog below.

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10x25 Unit

(250 sq. ft.): Incredible for storing a little boat with trailer with some space to save. Fill whatever is left of your space with a love seat, little seats, little bedroom furniture set, and different incidental things.

10x30 Unit


(300 sq. ft.): A 10×30 unit is awesome for storing an extensive vehicle, little boat, and other expansive things with space to save. Moving crosswise over nation? This size unit is perfect for storing the contents of an extensive home while you settle in.

Vehicle Parking


The vast majority of our offices offer secured, covered parking and open air parking spaces to store your auto, boat, or R.V. Parking spaces come in assortment of sizes while offering special highlights. Visit our vehicle storage page to take in more about sizes and even tips that will keep your vehicle in an indistinguishable condition from when you exited it. Or on the other hand call us and talk with a storage advisor to discover precisely the space you require.

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