What Can Fit in a 10 x 10 Storage Unit?

10x10 Storage Unit

Nothing is more convenient than having a space to store all of your items to free up some space around your home. When looking at sizes for your next storage unit, you should consider what items you are looking to bring in and get a good estimate of how much space you need because the last thing you want is to move all of your belongings and be stuck with half of them sticking out. A 10 x 10 storage unit is a great and spacious size that many are drawn to when searching for a standout and reliable unit size. Read below to see what you can expect when renting a 10 x 10 sized unit.


How Big Is a 10 x 10 Storage Unit?

If you are looking to move a larger amount of items, then a 10×10 unit is perfect for many situations. This unit can easily hold the contents of two bedrooms . You can easily fit larger appliances as well as larger furniture items such as mattresses and couches. The unit is sized to be ten feet by ten feet equaling 100 square feet. Height wise varies but you could find yourself with an eight foot ceiling which only increases the amount of items you can hold and stick in there.

If you want to visualize what it looks like you can imagine two and a half king sized beds can fit comfortably in the size constraint of 100 square feet. Knowing that, it should be easier to see why so many people enjoy renting a unit that has that much space within it. If you are still having a bit of trouble conceptualizing it, here is a video that gives a tour of a standard 10 x 10 unit.


What Can You Fit in a 10 x 10 Unit?

A 10×10 isn’t the biggest unit you could get, but it has more than enough room to fit what you need if you are looking for someplace to put your larger furniture and appliances. Below you will find a list of items that can surely fit into a 100 sq feet unit and you can mix and match these different items. It’s good to remember too, if your organizational skills are great, then you can fit a lot into this type of unit.

  • Mattress and Box Spring Set
  • Office Furniture
  • Larger Dressers
  • Couches
  • Lamps
  • Luggage
  • Records
  • Kitchen and Cleaning Appliances
  • Motorcycle
  • Bicycles
  • Children’s Toys
  • Sports Gear
  • Camping and Fishing Equipment

Tips for Organizing Storage Units

Once you know what you want to put into your unit, next you have to figure out how to organize it all in a way that doesn’t come tumbling out when you open the door. It can be a stressful game of Tetris if you aren’t prepared to do some strategic thinking. Having a plan and preparing can save your items from being improperly stored and even damaged beyond repair. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when preparing to fill up your 10 x 10 storage unit.

  • Make sure your items are cleaned and dusted before storage. If they are wet, then let them dry to reduce risk of mold.
  • Make sure your storage boxes are similar sizes so that they can be stacked easier.
  • It’s important to take bigger items apart and safely put them in separate boxes nearby to increase space. Screws should be taped to the largest part in a little baggie.
  • Create a list of items you are storing and draw out how you may want them stored so you have a plan.
  • Put items you may need more frequently in the front of the unit.
  • It is safest and more convenient to store bigger items on the bottom and the more light or fragile items on top to prevent damage and to use the vertical space.
  • Wrap fragile items carefully and make sure they are not at risk of being crushed.
  • Label your boxes with what’s inside and make sure the label is easy to see at a glance to prevent future frustration.
  • Cover your heavier items, such as furniture, with blankets or towels to keep them from being damaged.
  • Ask a storage company for advice if you are not sure on how to proceed.
  • Take multiple photos as you pack your unit to help you remember where you placed certain belongings.

Many argue that the most important step throughout the storage process is preparation. If you have your game plan ready, then you can streamline the move into the unit with fewer problems and surprises than if you were to wing it. Having the plans in place can most importantly save your belongings from damage during the process of storing as well as it being in the unit for however long you decide. If you follow the tips above, you will then be in a great place regarding that plan which in turn leads to a stress-free move-in.



Amy’s Attic Self Storage Truck Rental

If you find yourself scrambling for some extra wheels to get your items to your 10 x 10 unit, Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers a free truck rental. Give them a call and you may be able to check out one of their capable vehicles to make moving into your unit all the more easier for you. You can check here to see what you need to do to get your hands on their spacious truck for all your moving needs.

10 x 10 Storage Units in Central Texas | Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers secure storage units at storage facilities across Central TX. With climate-controlled storage units and friendly customer service, we are a great option for Texans looking for a place to keep their items secure. If you are a local business owner or resident interested in leasing storage space, then please contact Amy’s Attic at 855-426-9728. As of October 2021, we currently have 10 x 10 storage units available in our new location in Waco, TX as well as in our Salado storage facility.

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