How to Store Electronics and IT Equipment in Central Texas

IT and Electronics Storage in Texas

As we enter 2020, it is hard to find a household or business in Texas that isn’t filled (or better said cluttered) with electronics of some sort. As new technology comes out every day, it is difficult to keep up with the physical space that the new technology products and devices require. When new technology is purchased, the decision has to be made whether to responsibly dispose, donate, or store the old technology equipment. A major variable that affects the preservation of all technology is moisture and humidity. Central Texas can be fairly humid so storing your expensive tech equipment in a climate controlled space is one of the best ways to protect your assets.

Utilizing Self Storage for Technology Devices and Equipment

Printers, monitors, TVs, laptops, tablets, computers, and external hard drives are all common tech products that customers store in a self storage unit. Businesses sometimes rent a self storage unit to store certain business or IT supplies. If you have an in-home photography studio and a family, all of the lighting fixtures, cables and pop-up backgrounds take up valuable space when they are not being used. An event rental company may use a storage unit to store AV equipment or Motorola walkie talkies. A tech company that might not have enough space in their office building to store all of the necessary equipment, such as cables and tools, may need to explore alternative storage options. Self storage at a conveniently located facility can help to ensure that you have access to the right gear for every job, task, or client project.

* Please see our article on business self storage for more information on this topic.

Buying and Maintaining Tech Equipment in Central Texas

Whether you enjoy shopping at a major retail chain like Best Buy or you’re looking for a hard-to-find niche item at L&M Electronics, Central Texas has technology stores to meet all of your electronic needs. Did you recently drop your device and shatter the screen? Is your printer malfunctioning? Take your currently out of commission electronics and appliances to the repair team at CSM Electronics, and they will repair and restore your tech back to working condition. A short trip to a Central Texas electronics vendor or repair shop could solve your problems or needs.

CSM Electronics
2804 South W S Young Drive, Suite 500
Killeen, TX 76542

L&M Electronics
1700 W Waco Drive
Waco, TX 76701
217 N Main Street
Temple, TX 76501

Best Buy
3550 S General Bruce Drive
Temple, TX 76504

Humidity and Moisture Control When Storing in Central Texas

Tech gadgets, devices, and other IT products, such as cables and electrical equipment, need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment. Amy’s Attic Self Storage has the ability to properly store and protect your electronic and technological valuables. Whether it’s an entire computer lab, giant rolls of cable, or just your household electronics, we have the storage units you need to properly store your property. The area surrounding Waco, Texas has a yearly average humidity of about 67%, which can be detrimental to circuit boards, wiring connections and even cause oxidation and corrosion. Climate controlled units will prevent this type of damage from happening and ensure that the elements don’t damage your IT and technology equipment.

How to Store Electronics Safely and Properly

When storing your electronics and tech equipment, it is best to use the original packaging, inserts, and moisture wicking wrapping that the device comes with. If you have extra space in an existing storage unit, we recommend that you use the unit to store original boxes for any recent, new, or upcoming purchases. If your boxes are damaged or have been disposed of, then the next best option is to follow these steps:

  • Use a slightly oversized cardboard box (the thicker the better)
  • Line the box with packing peanuts, Styrofoam or newspaper
  • Wrap the device in paper towels to absorb any moisture that does enter the box
  • If possible place the device in a moisture proof bag
  • Seal the box with packing tape and carefully place it in a safe location

Storing Business IT and Technology Equipment in Central Texas

The storage facilities at Amy’s Attic Self Storage are extremely attractive to local IT companies because we are a professional storage company with multiple locations in Central Texas. Though a lot of business is done digitally, hardware and wiring is bulky and can take up valuable space necessary for daily operation. By storing equipment and tech supplies at Amy’s Attic, we can guarantee that your product inventory will be safe and secure while allowing you to clear up office or storage space that is needed for more important functions of your business. Please contact us to learn more about our IT equipment and business storage services. For businesses in Dallas or Austin, we offer a concierge or valet storage service. This service is perfect for IT companies that may have clients across Texas in Dallas, Austin, Waco, Temple, and Ft. Worth.

About Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Since 2004 Amy’s Attic Self Storage has been innovating to improve the customer experience at self storage facilities in Central Texas. As of May 2021, we currently operate 8 facilities:

Whether you are a business or individual, we look forward to serving you with top quality customer service to make your storage experience as pleasant as possible.

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