Car Storage in Central Texas – What You Need to Know

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As a vehicle owner in Central Texas, there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to protecting your vehicle and extending its life. If you are in the military at Fort Cavazos, then you may be deployed for a season away from Central Texas. The question then becomes what to do with your car while you are deployed?

One of the best investments you can make is finding covered storage or covered parking for your car, helping to protect the interior and exterior of the car for years to come. Today, we’re going to share our complete guide to car storage in Central Texas, and why you should consider this protective solution when you need to store your car for a period of time.


Why We Recommend Covered Storage or Covered Parking for Car Storage in Texas

Whether you are based at Fort Cavazos, you’ve recently moved to Texas or have been living here your whole life, then you no doubt know the Texas sun can be extremely strong and damaging throughout the year. The excessive heat and strong sunlight can cause damage to any type of vehicle, resulting in cracked dashboards and damaged seat interiors. The paint and plastic parts in a car are susceptible to breakage under this high heat, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. Protective canopies and roofs at car storage facilities offer some protection from both sun exposure and precipitation and will help to extend the life of your vehicle. No matter what type of car you drive, it’s a measure we recommend taking to offer it protection at any time of the year.


Can You Park A Car Inside A Storage Unit?

The answer to this question will be dependent on your vehicle and the storage units available. Depending on the location of the storage unit, the size of the unit, and the storage facility’s rules, you may or may not be able to benefit from this service. Storage units all have their own unique rules and regulations about what is allowed to be stored. You’ll need to ensure that you can safely get a vehicle in and out of the unit in order to use this service.

Contact the team at Amy’s Attic Self Storage to determine if we have an available drive-up storage unit that would be compatible with your vehicle. We are able to protect cars of various shapes and sizes even if a climate controlled drive-up storage unit is not available. We are here to help you find the right unit or long-term parking solution for your needs.


Exterior Prep Tips for Car Storage

Before you store your vehicle, make sure you give it a thorough wash before putting it into storage. Hand washing is the best option, and we recommend that you spray wash the underside of the vehicle too. To offer the exterior extra protection, wax it to protect the finish of the vehicle. This process is especially important if you are putting your vehicle into storage for an extended period of time, helping to avoid damage to the exterior while it’s out of use. Even for short-term storage, you want to make sure the exterior is free from debris and dirt which could leave the vehicle damaged.


Interior Prep Tips for Car Storage

Looking after the interior of the vehicle is just as important as the exterior of the vehicle and will ensure your car is ready for use when you get it out of storage. Vacuum and wipe down the interior of the car before it goes into storage, removing any carpets or mats where possible to avoid them getting musty. Take the time to wipe down all of the surfaces before putting your vehicle away. Even just a small amount of moisture can result in mildew or mold growing over time, which is something no Texas car owner wants.


Engine Prep Tips for Car Storage

As well as cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle, you need to think about how to protect the engine when your car is going into storage. Change the oil before you store the car, as you shouldn’t leave old oil to sit in the engine for a long period of time. The fuel should also be refilled before you store the car, as it’s better for the engine to store vehicles with a tank that is at least half full. Keep your battery fully charged as well, as there’s nothing worse than taking the vehicle out of storage only to find you can’t drive away from your storage unit. When it comes to parking your vehicle for a long time, you may want to avoid using the parking brake as well, as this can increase the chance of damage to the vehicle. Indeed, it is best to store or park your vehicle on a flat surface.


Final Step – Invest in a Good Car Cover to Protect the Car from Dust, Dirt, UV Rays, and Scratches

Before you put your car into storage, it’s important that you take extra measures to protect your car. Investing in a high-quality car cover, such as this Sunbrella car cover, will offer your vehicle protection from dust, dirt, scratches, and UV rays. The longer you are putting your vehicle into storage, the more you need to worry about having extra protection. Make sure the car cover is designed for your vehicle, so that it’s not too big or small that it won’t offer the full protection and cover all the edges of the car. Try and avoid just covering the car in sheets or plastic tarps, as they aren’t breathable for the vehicle and may result in damage to the vehicle’s exterior.


Your Car is Safe with Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Are you looking to store your vehicle later this year in Central Texas? If so, your car will be safe at Amy’s Attic Self Storage. As well as offering spacious storage units, we offer 24-hour surveillance cameras and security gates. Our aim is to give you peace of mind when storing your vehicle and protecting it from the weather risks associated with living in Texas.

Are you interested in learning more about the car storage options we offer at Amy’s Attic Self Storage? If so, get in touch with our friendly team today, who will be happy to answer your questions about car storage. As of August 2023, we currently have car storage or long-term parking available at these locations:


Belton, Texas

Harker Heights, Texas

Salado, Texas

Temple, Texas

Waco, Texas


Options will vary at each location in terms of covered and uncovered parking. Please call us at 855-426-9728 to discuss your specific car storage situation and needs. We have lots of experience with car storage, and some of our customers travel from Austin and Dallas for long-term car storage because they value the customer service and peace of mind that we provide. Are you looking to store a different type of vehicle? Since we know Texans like to have fun, we also proudly offer motorcycle storage, RV storage, and boat storage.

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