What Is a Storage Locker?

Storage Locker

Have you ever needed to store your belongings somewhere, but storage units were too spacious or big for your storage needs? Instead of paying for more space than you need, you should look into a storage solution called storage lockers. Similar to a storage unit, storage lockers provide an enclosed space where you can keep your belongings safe. Rather than having a large floor-to-ceiling space in a unit, storage lockers tend to be placed adjacent to each other or stacked on top of each other only allowing for 20 square feet or less.

Storage lockers are typically indoors but are not always guaranteed to be climate-controlled. So, which option is better? That depends on the specifics of your storage needs. Let us help you break down the pros and cons of the storage locker vs storage unit debate. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a good idea of which storage solution best suits your needs, and of course, your wallet too!


What Can Fit in a Storage Locker?

Before we dive into a comparison of a storage locker and a storage unit, you should know exactly what can fit into a storage locker. The average storage locker is 4 x 5 or smaller depending on the ceiling height. That being said, storage lockers are designed for specific storage needs. Unlike a storage unit, a storage locker cannot fit the majority of your belongings. Instead, you should look to store clothes, shoes, small instruments, collectible items, electronics, books, and just overall smaller items. Sometimes a storage unit would be too much space for only a few small items. Storage lockers open up just the right amount of space to safely store items away from your house. A storage locker would be useful for college students or someone who lives in two places. The cost is normally low, and the process of moving items requires minimal time and effort.


Storage Lockers | Pros and Cons

Interested in renting or buying a storage locker? Find out the pros and cons of renting a storage locker below:


  • Small Space = Smaller Price.
  • Ideal for smaller storage needs.
  • Easy to manage and organize.
  • Great for short-term storage.


  • Limited size variety and availability.
  • May not come climate-controlled like other storage units.
  • Not all self-storage facilities offer storage lockers.
  • Not as good of a value to get less space for a slightly lower price.
  • If you gather more items for storage, you would need to upgrade the size of the locker or even switch over to a unit.


Storage Units | Pros and Cons

Would you rather rent a storage unit instead? Find out the pros and cons of renting a storage unit below at a Class A storage facility:


  • Flexible storage option with a variety of storage sizes available.
  • Spacious and affordable.
  • Great for both short-term and long-term storage.
  • Offers more facility amenities like climate control, 24/7 surveillance, and gated access.
  • Conveniently located storage unit facilities are offered throughout most cities.


  • May offer more space than you actually need.
  • Depending on the storage facility, you may get locked into a contract and end up needing more or less space (but not for Amy’s Attic Self Storage facilities!).
  • More difficult to keep organized and clean.


Final Decision | Storage Locker vs. Storage Unit

Even though storage lockers present many valid pros and cons, at the end of the day, you get a better deal / value with more space by choosing a storage unit. Storage units have a larger variety of unit sizes and amenities to go with them. While your specific storage needs are a big factor in your decision, you can’t go wrong with getting a storage unit. As for a storage locker, you may be limited if you need to upgrade your locker size in the future. Don’t limit your storage needs by picking the “cheaper option”. In the long run, the storage unit would be a better value to you. Now that you know the difference and the pros and cons to both locker vs unit, you can decide which is the right fit for you!


Alternative Option | Install Storage Lockers Inside a Storage Unit

Storage units can sometimes be overwhelmingly large and somewhat intimidating when trying to keep the unit organized. An easy and fool-proof way to maintain organization in your unit is to implement / install some type of storage locker system within your unit. While many self-storage facilities do not offer storage locker services, you can transform your storage unit by purchasing smaller storage lockers. Instead of having to sort through stacked bins and boxes, you can easily access your belongings through the organized shelves in the locker. Lockers can also add an additional level of protection for your valuables since they are extra secured.

Additionally, if you are sharing a storage unit with someone, a storage locker is a great way to separate your belongings or keep them secure. As for where to buy durable, yet affordable storage lockers, we recommend shopping online or looking for a local provider. You will be able to find every size and shape locker within your price range. Whether you want a narrow and tall locker or a short and long locker, your storage unit will be easier to manage and will look extra clean. Maintain your storage unit and the quality of your belongings by implementing storage lockers!


Central Texas Service Providers with Custom Storage Locker Options

Are you looking for a local Texas service provider with custom storage locker options for your house or business? Central Texas offers a variety of knowledgeable services providers who can offer custom metal cabinets or storage locker solutions within your price range. If you are looking for a locker to fit in a specific spot in your business or home, it is recommended to go the customized route. No need to waste time trying to find a space for an average-sized locker when you can have a locker customized for the space you have in mind. Not only will you be pleased with your new custom storage locker, but you will be supporting your local Central Texas businesses.

Check out the top 3 service providers in Central Texas for your next custom storage locker below:


Burrows Cabinets

1353 West 2nd Street, Taylor, TX 76574


Southwest Solutions Group

2535-B TX-121 #110, Lewisville, TX 75056



Kent Moore Cabinets

101A Burnett Court, Waco (Woodway), Texas 76712

If you can’t find a local provider that fits your needs (or you don’t need a custom storage locker solution), then you can always check out online options from Amazon.


Does Amy’s Attic Self Storage Rent Storage Lockers?

Amy’s Attic Self Storage does not offer storage lockers for rent since we utilize our space for more accommodating storage solutions. We do offer a variety of self-storage unit sizes for smaller and larger storage needs. Additionally, Amy’s Attic provides affordable options without compromising the quality of storage. Our goal is to extend our storage solutions to our Central Texas community!

As of March 2022, Amy’s Attic Self Storage has 5 locations throughout Central Texas. All of our storage facilities offer climate-controlled units, 24/7 surveillance, 24/7 gate access, month-to-month leasing, and military discounts. Find out more information on how you can lease a storage unit by calling our office at (855) 426-9728. Our newest Class A storage facilities are located in Temple, TX and Waco, TX.

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