Storage Units in Killeen – Why They are “In Demand”

Killeen, TX is one of the strongest markets for self-storage units in the United States. There are a few key reasons for why you cannot drive around Killeen without seeing storage unit facilities, such as Life Storage or Extra Space Storage, seemingly on every other block.


Killeen is Fast Growing

Located west of Temple and approximately 60 miles north of Austin, Killeen is a city in Bell County, Texas. As of the 2010 census, there were 127,921 people residing in the city, up from a population of 86,911 in 2000.

This growth rate from 2000 to 2010 established Killeen as one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Then in 2020, the U.S. Census reported even higher numbers for Killeen: 153,095 people.

This amazing population growth rate, which totals almost 100% over the past two decades, implies several things:

  • Lots of new housing and construction to support the growth
  • Lots of moves and real estate transactions
  • Lots of new and growing businesses, which also need storage services


Fort Hood Military Base

Founded in 1942, Ft. Hood encompasses over 300 square miles and is one of the largest (1st in terms of geographic area and 2nd in terms of military population in the U.S.) bases in the world. To put the size of Ft. Hood in perspective, check out the stats below which compare Ft. Hood to other military bases in the United States.


Ft. Hood 340 sq. miles 40,000 military personnel
MacDill Air Force Base 9 sq. miles 12,000 military personnel
Fort Bragg 284 sq. miles 54,000 military personnel
Fort Benning 284 sq. miles 27,000 military personnel
Camp Pendleton 9 sq. miles 11,000 personnel living on base*
Fort Campbell 164 sq. miles 27,000 military personnel


Given the size and population of Ft. Hood, it is hard to underestimate the impact that Ft. Hood has on the local Killeen TX economy and especially the demand for self-storage services. Soldiers who are stationed at Ft. Hood may only live there for a few years, which means soldiers and personnel are constantly moving in and out of the Killeen, TX area – a perfect recipe for self-storage unit demand.

In addition, some soldiers at Ft. Hood. may receive orders or assignments to be stationed overseas temporarily. Amy’s Attic Self Storage in Harker Heights is proud to serve the Ft. Hood community with flexible storage unit rentals and options for flexible boat, RV, and auto storage. We also offer a 10% military discount to Ft. Hood personnel.


Increased Living Costs (Inflation) Especially in Housing in Killeen, TX

Although the entire United States has been impacted by severe inflation over the past few years, Killeen has been especially affected by rising costs in the area of housing, food, and transportation. In July 2022 the U.S. inflation rate of consumer prices reached a 41-year high. Check out the numbers below which illustrate the rising cost of buying a home in the Killeen, TX area.

According to, the median listing home price in Killeen was $247,800 in December 2022, which represents a whopping 15.2% year-over-year increase. In February 2020, the median listing home price in Killeen was $165,450. According to, the median sale price of a single-family home in Killen, TX was well less than $150,000.

Given that wages for most Killeen residents have not increased by 70% over the past 5 years, inflation causes residents and local business owners to be creative to limit spending. Renting a self-storage unit in Killeen or nearby Harker Heights allows home buyers to either downsize or purchase less expensive properties (smaller homes) so that they can afford to live in Killeen.

Previously, Killeen homeowners may have taken the extra guest bedroom(s) for granted. That is no longer the case in such a high inflationary environment, especially for those residents who live on a fixed income. Self-storage units (which are generally rented month to month with no long-term lease) gives both current Killeen homeowners and newcomers the opportunity to downsize or buy smaller homes with local storage units operating as a buffer for needed space for belongings.


About Amy’s Attic Self Storage Harker Heights

Amy’s Attic Self Storage in Harker Heights is located adjacent to Killeen, TX, and Fort Hood. Over the years we have enjoyed serving the military community and growing alongside the Killeen, TX economy. As of January 2023, we have a 4.9 review rating on Google based on 171 Google reviews. Many of our “5-star” reviews mention our friendly customer service (which is by no means the norm in the Texas self-storage industry). Here is a sample review from Jan 2023:

Everyone at Amy’s Attic is super helpful, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile for anyone that comes into their door. I was pleasantly surprised when speaking to them. They answered all of my questions and even made the extra effort to make what I needed happen. THANK YOU!!

– Sera Jane


As we look forward to the future, we hope to continue to play an important role by providing residents and businesses with needed self-storage services at a fair price. You can visit our storage facility in Harker Heights at 800 Prospector Trail Harker Heights, TX 76548.

As of January 2023, we currently have the following storage unit sizes available for rent:

10 x 10 Unit (what fits in a 10 x 10 storage unit)

10 x 15 Unit

10 x 20 Unit

If you are not able to visit our location in person, then feel free to rent one of our units online. We look forward to serving you and continuing to grow alongside the Killeen, TX / Fort Hood community.

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