Snowbirds in Central Texas

snowbirds in Central Texas

Why Snowbirds Choose Central TX To Be Their Winter Home

Each year when winter starts to roll around, there is a migration wave from colder regions of the United States and Canada to a warm, inviting climate in Texas. This group of snowbirds is often referred to as “Winter Texans” whose population is increasing annually in Texas (and becoming more diverse). Winter Texans enjoy the best of both worlds, and they are willing to make a move (or better said “annual migration”) every year to access better winter weather. By choosing the snowbird lifestyle, these North American nomads have the opportunity to maintain ties to their hometown with family, friends and familiar places while getting away from an icy cold winter.

The Welcoming “Lone Star State”

Friendliness is a word that is often used to describe year-long residents of Central Texas. People may actually wave at you if you are walking down the street (which is sadly unheard of in other parts of the U.S.) Part of the culture of Central Texas is a willingness to be friendly, serve others, and unite for a common cause. At Amy’s Attic Self Storage we also aim to embrace these same core values of friendliness, unity, and service to others. Some of our favorite customers are seasonal residents, and we recognize that we play an important role in the logistics of a snowbird who moves back and forth from Central Texas.

In addition to friendliness and making visitors feel welcome, Central Texas has some unique features for seasonal residents. Compared to other popular snowbird destinations, Central Texas stands out as one of the best choices due to the following unique features: subtropical climate, affordable living, beautiful scenery & wildlife, and many fun outdoor activities. For example, on February 4-5, 2020, the Canadian Snowbird Association is planning a special expo / entertainment / concert event in southern Texas. The Canadian Snowbird Association hosts these special seasonal events in only 3 U.S. States: Arizona, Florida, and Texas.

Central TX Weather, Affordability, and Stunning Scenery

Unlike Florida with elevated heat and humidity, Central Texas weather is more mild. Snowbirds choosing Central Texas to spend the winter do not experience any more than half an inch of snow, with daytime temperatures usually averaging between 50 and 70 degrees.

Prices in Central Texas are very reasonable, not to mention our gas prices are usually below the national average, which is a huge perk for snowbirds getting around frequently or living in a large RV. Central Texas is an ideal spot to reside in the winter. Snowbirds can not only benefit from affordable living expenses, but also still be in touch with / access more vibrant (yet more expensive) nearby cities such as: San Antonio, Austin, Houston, and Dallas.

Lastly, one of the nicest things about Central Texas is our beautiful scenery and wildlife. The mild climate allows oaks, maple, and pecans to reach its stunning peak fall foliage every year near the last week of November. That makes moving to Texas during this time even more stunning. Hiking in the vibrant autumn colors instead of being covered in frost or snow is a much better way to spend time outside. Lastly, snowbirds who enjoy golfing and boating know that they can participate in these outdoor activities pretty much year round in Central TX.

Storage for Texas Snowbirds

Becoming a “Texas snowbird” is much more involved than simply taking a long winter vacation to Texas. There are several logistics involved to “successfully snowbird.” Check out this AARP article for considerations. For instance, the first and most obvious issue is how to maintain two homes at the same time. Secondly, what should you do with your belongings at each home / location?

Many snowbirds leverage a self-storage facility to simplify their annual migration and create a more stress-free moving / migration experience. By renting a self-storage unit, snowbirds have peace of mind that their belongings and valuables are well protected in a clean and safe facility when they are away. Storage units are available in many different sizes and on a month-to-month basis. In short, snowbirds have the flexibility to choose just the amount of storage space that they need when they need it. Moreover, our online booking and monthly payment make the entire storage process more convenient since everything is just a few clicks away.

Storage Facilities in Central TX

In Central Texas, Amy’s Attic Self Storage has 8 storage facilities in these cities:

  • Belton,
  • Copperas Cove,
  • Harker Heights,
  • Killeen,
  • Morgan’s Point Resort (MPR),
  • Salado
  • Waco
  • and Temple.

I feel so fortunate to have found Amy's Attic

At Amy’s Attic Self Storage, we make it our business to ensure that all of your storage needs are met. We have everything you need to simplify your storage experience. Please send us a message or question via our online form to learn more about the features that would make your Texas snowbird life simpler. Enjoy the many perks we offer on-site!

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