Using Self Storage for Your Vacation Home Rental Business

self storage vacation rental business

Having a home rental business can have a number of benefits (being your own boss, interacting with others, etc.), all while providing extra income. Certainly, Central Texas has a lot to offer to bring in the vacation renters, such as fished-stocked Belton Lake, Miller Springs Nature Center, Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum, Summer Fun Water Park, and spooky Ghost Wagon Tours. However, the nature of the short term home rental industry is that it has seasons: prosperous and not so prosperous business seasons.

According to USA TODAY’s article “Central Texas for Tourists”, peak tourist season in Central Texas is in the spring from March – May and the fall from September – November due to the mild climate. The use of self storage can be immensely beneficial during both peak and off-seasons for your home rental business.

Self storage can help make your rental space more appealing to renters

The market for vacation home rentals is growing as evidenced by the growing popularity of Airbnb and VRBO. Guests realize that a single family home rental offers them much more space than a traditional small hotel room.

Renters are looking to rent a clean and welcoming space. Travelers want a place that they can quickly jump into and start living like it is their own. Cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing can go a long way to making your space more appealing in the Central Texas vacation home rental market. A self storage facility can provide a place for you to store clutter, bulky furniture, and anything your guests will not need during their stay. Storing your items will help create more room and space for your guests to enjoy. Placing personal items, such as photos, books, family memorabilia, and valuables, in a storage unit can ensure that those items stay safe. Remember that storing personal items also provides a more welcoming atmosphere that invites and encourages guests to use the space as their own.

If you reside in your home or rental space during the off-season, you can easily get your personal belongings from storage. Storing clutter and personal items in a nearby storage unit can do wonders for your rental pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. Clean, decluttered, staged photos of your space says that you are professional and orderly and take providing a quality vacation rental experience seriously.

Self storage can give you a place to store your business supplies

In order to provide that clean, decluttered, inviting space mentioned above, you may want to store your supplies, such as cleaning supplies, extra linens, extra furniture, and holiday décor in an alternative location. A nearby self storage facility can provide a place for you to store your supplies. Storing these items also gives your renters the space that they need for their things, while providing you easy access for maintaining your rental space. Using a self storage facility can be even more beneficial if your primary residence is far away from your rental space. Professional storage facilities offer 24/7 access to your unit, so you would not need to worry about getting to your items when you need them.

Self storage can help separate your work life from your home life

Like mentioned above, if you utilize self storage for your business supplies instead of choosing to store them at your primary residence, you can separate your work life from your home life. Many people find this separation needed to detach their mind from work, fully focus on their family, and fully enjoy their time at home.

Self storage for home rental businesses can be tax deductible

Most business expenses can be deducted from your taxes. The IRS allows business owners to deduct something as a business expense if it is ordinary and necessary. If you choose to use self storage for your home rental business purposes, you will likely be able to deduct the expense from your taxes. Please consult your Central Texas CPA to verify this statement as individual tax situations and cases can vary.

Amy’s Attic Self Storage of Central Texas

Amy’s Attic is a highly-rated self storage company with five easily accessible awesome locations in Central Texas. Well known for their superior customer service, the Amy’s Attic staff would be happy to help you find a storage unit to fit your needs. Amy’s Attic has a variety of unit types (climate-controlled, alarmed, etc.) and sizes to fit whatever your need. With convenient month-to-month leasing, 24/7 access, easy payment options, and top of the line security, Amy’s Attic is your best self storage option in Central Texas. Contact an Amy’s Attic location near you for more information.

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