Top 5 Reasons to Move to Waco, Texas

If you’re searching for a new place to settle down, then Waco, Texas, could be the perfect fit. Located in the heart of Texas, its prime location and cozy small-town atmosphere contribute to its undeniable charm and appeal to new residents every year. While many might recognize Waco from the immensely popular HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” this city has long been recognized for its excellent schools and close-knit community. Drawing in an impressive 50,000 tourists weekly, Waco is a city that captures hearts with its undeniable allure.

As a newer self-storage facility operator in Waco, we’ve been recently active in this community’s growth into a vibrant city. Here, we explore what makes Waco so inviting and give the top 5 compelling reasons why calling Waco home is the best decision for you!


1. Location, Location, Location

Waco’s standout feature lies in its strategic location within Texas and McLennan County. Its central location offers the best of both worlds: easy access to major cities like Dallas and Austin while maintaining its distinctive individuality as a city. Connected by I-35, the drive from Waco to Dallas takes approximately 1 hour and 27 minutes, while the drive to Austin spans around 1 hour and 46 minutes.

However, Waco’s strategic placement isn’t just about proximity to other cities. The scenic beauty of Brazos River, Lake Waco, and Cameron Park have made this a must-see location! Residents can enjoy a perfect balance between the city and nature. Whether you seek the convenience of city life or outdoor adventures, Waco’s location caters to every lifestyle, making it an ideal place to call home.


2. Small Town Feel within a City

Central Texas boasts its distinct small towns, each contributing its unique character to the Lone Star State. For those seeking a blend of city with a small-town ambiance, Waco stands out among the few growing cities preserving that small-town feel. Every district tells a unique story, from the urban streets of Downtown and Uptown to the quaint charm of the Silo District, La Salle Corridor, and Elm Avenue.

Waco’s districts embody a harmonious blend of history and present, where historic buildings seamlessly coexist with contemporary designs. The restaurants, shops, and businesses in each district radiate a charming vibe that might just transport you into a scene from a Hallmark movie! It’s a rare gem where a city can capture the warmth of a small town with the vibrancy of city life, and that’s exactly what Waco achieves.


3. Selection of Schools

Waco takes immense pride in its esteemed educational system, renowned by the community for its consistently high ratings across all levels. When deciding on a city and a home, evaluating the available educational institutions and school districts is crucial. Whether you have children now or are planning for a family, choosing a city that provides a comprehensive range of educational facilities, along with both public and private institutions, is crucial.

Within the Waco Independent School District are 25 schools and 14,086 students. This district comprises 15 Preschools, 16 Elementary Schools, 7 Middle Schools, and 6 High Schools. Moreover, Waco hosts three colleges and 51 colleges within a Notably, it’s home to Baylor University, a private Baptist institution consistently ranked as one of the top private Baptist colleges in the world. Baylor University offers a wide range of majors and degrees, allowing students to pursue their career aspirations while rooted in the principles of the Baptist faith.


4. Affordable Cost of Living

In today’s economic landscape, living costs heavily influence people’s decisions regarding relocation. Escalating expenses in major cities have made city living less feasible than ever before. Consequently, a noticeable trend of individuals moving from larger cities to suburban areas to pursue more financially viable options has emerged. Waco has become the ideal choice for those who don’t want to sacrifice city amenities and excitement while avoiding additional expenses.

Waco boasts a cost of living that rests 3% below the state average and an impressive 10% lower than the national average. Particularly when compared to Houston, Waco stands out with a cost of living that’s a striking 9.3% lower, presenting an enticing and wallet-friendly alternative. The housing market in Waco reflects this affordability, with housing expenses sitting at 21% cheaper than the national average. Waco is the ideal place to call home for those who aim to uphold a high quality of life without enduring financial strain.


5. Employment Opportunities

Situated between major economic hubs like Dallas and Austin, Waco enjoys the ripple effect of its economic influence through increased job opportunities. This recent growth has paved the way for new businesses and the expansion of existing ones. Waco boasts many industries and job entry levels that help create an environment rich with career prospects.

Whether in education, healthcare, retail, or local government, Waco offers a spectrum of options for those seeking a career. This diversity across industries provides ample job opportunities and fuels steady business expansion and growth.


Is Waco, Texas a Good Place to Live?

Absolutely. Waco stands out as a great place to live. It provides a blueprint for both individual success and family life. Its affordable cost of living, flourishing job market, and a strong sense of community make it the perfect home for families, young professionals, and retirees.

The city boasts attractions like the Magnolia Market at the Silos, home to HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines, which has brought increased attention to the area. Additionally, the proximity to outdoor recreational areas like Lake Waco and Cameron Park adds to its appeal for outdoor lovers. While, like any city, Waco has its challenges, its overall welcoming atmosphere and growth make it a good choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.


Waco, Texas Things to Do

Waco, Texas, offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors and residents:

  • Shop and dine at Magnolia Market at the Silos, owned by HGTV “Fixer Upper” Chip and Joanna Gaines.
  • Plan your visit to the Dr. Pepper Museum and sample variations of the unique Dr. Pepper flavors.
  • Visit Waco’s award-winning natural habitat zoo, Cameron Park Zoo, to discover animals you wouldn’t see daily.
  • Step back to the era of mammoths roaming the earth with a visit to the Waco Mammoth National Monument.
  • Experience the excitement of cheering on the local Baylor Bears at a football game at McLane Stadium.
  • Support local businesses and farmers at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market every Saturday morning!
  • Take a scenic stroll across the Brazos River on the Waco Suspension Bridge.
  • Get adventurous at Lake Waco by enjoying hiking, kayaking, or fishing activities.

These activities showcase just a taste of what Waco offers with its history, culture, outdoor adventures, and entertainment for all ages.


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