Things to Do in Killeen Texas

Things to do in Killeen

Killeen is a city located in the heart of Texas, which has grown from a burgeoning pioneer town in the 1800s to the largest city in Bell County. This accomplishment is as much the product of hard work from the town’s founders as it is the efforts of all its citizens throughout the years to make Killeen a great place to live!

Many fun activities can be found across Killeen, whether you’re looking for a refreshing way to cool down in the summer, a romantic date night, or some family-friendly fun that can last a whole afternoon. Learn a little more about this charming central Texas town, then see what Killeen has to offer below!

A Little About Killeen

Killeen began as a 360-acre stretch of Central Texas wilderness purchased in 1881 to expand the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway. The railroad plotted a 70-block town on its purchased land and named it after the assistant general manager of the railroad, Frank P. Killeen. Within a year, the town filled up with pioneers fresh off the train, ready to make their mark on the town. A school, several stores, saloon, and railroad depot all rose to meet the needs of the growing community. Within just five years, the town had blossomed to 350 residents, and included two saloons, a lumberyard, a blacksmith, and a hotel.

Just 30 years after the town’s founding, Killeen had a fully operational water system, multiple bridges that doubled its trade area, and would be primed as an ideal staging ground for Fort Hood, which altered its economy immensely and gave its citizens new opportunities previously unheard of. Now, Killeen is the 21st most populous city in Texas, with a proud history of pioneering, trade, and military service.


Fun for the Whole Family

Killeen has long been considered a great place to grow up, being small enough to know your neighbor and yet large enough to support a range of exciting activities for the whole family.

  • Lions Club Aquatics Park: Lions Club is an excellent place to bring young and old children alike, featuring several water slides and large central pool to play in, plus constant watch by experienced lifeguards and frequent pool checks. A popular spot to cool off in the summer especially, be sure to show up early to beat the afternoon crowds!
    • Address: 1700 E Stan Schlueter Loop, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 501-6390
  • 1st Cavalry Division Museum: Learn more about the fabled 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood, Texas, known for being one of the most decorated combat divisions in the US Army. Formed in 1921, see how the Division engaged in wars throughout the 20th century, first on horseback, and then through armored and aircraft combat. See historic tanks, helicopters, and artillery guns up-close and personal, all for free!
    • Address: Building 2218, Fort Hood, TX
    • Phone: (254) 287-3626
  • Altitude Trampoline Park: With an astounding 42,000+ square feet of indoor trampolines and other attractions, Altitude is one of the most amazing ways to burn off energy for families or individual jumpers of any age. Play trampoline dodgeball, perform flips and tricks, and get the most exciting workout in Killeen!
    • Address: 901 S Fort Hood St, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 768-0203


Killeen Restaurants & Outdoor Dining 

  • Jokers IceHouse Bar & Grill: If you’re looking for an affordable, classically Killeen drinking and dining experience, check out Jokers IceHouse. It’s got live music on the weekends, billiards, great food, plenty of cold beer on tap, and unique cocktails, making it a perfect spot for a date or simply a night on the town.
    • Address: 7900 S Clear Creek Rd, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 554-9051
  • Stillhouse Wine Room: If you’re looking for the premier upscale wine bar in Killeen, look no further than Stillhouse. In addition to an impressive wine collection to satisfy nearly any palette, they also feature a smaller menu of cheese pairings and decadent desserts. Visit Stillhouse the next time you’d like a quieter evening of fine dining.
    • Address: 403 E Stan Schlueter Loop Ste 308, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 681-9463


Escape Rooms & Other Fun Activities 

  • Great Escape of Central Texas: If you’re looking for an engaging challenge that will last a whole afternoon, check out Great Escape! Solve puzzles and fascinating challenges along with your team to figure a way out of the room you’re trapped in before time runs out! Great Escape features a range of themed rooms and difficulties, from their most difficult challenge in the Lost Tomb of Anubis to the more family-friendly Back to the Fourth Grade escape room.
    • Address: 4400 E Central Texas Expy Bldg 1, Suite C, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 680-2686
  • Project Scuba: If you’ve ever wanted to earn your scuba license, you don’t need to visit any cities on the coast, or even leave town! Project Scuba offers training and leisure courses for beginners, professionals, and experienced divers of all types, and hosts events both at its own facility and also various scuba sites across Texas and beyond. You certainly don’t need to live in Florida or California to enjoy scuba and snorkeling!
    • Address: 3310 Tallwood Drive, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 458-3368
  • Hallmark Lanes: Bowling is one of the most classic, no-complaints activities that anyone can have fun with, whether among family, friends, coworkers, or even solo. Lace up your bowling shoes and enjoy an afternoon of wholesome, budget-friendly fun at one of the best bowling spots in Killeen.
    • Address: 4203 Shawn Dr, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 690-4949


Outdoor Things to Do in Killeen

  • Freedom Air Helicopter Rides: Get a bird’s eye view of Central Texas with a private helicopter ride! Enjoy the sights of Killeen and the surrounding area from a perspective very few people ever get to see. For the gun enthusiasts, Freedom Air also offers aerial gunnery tactical games, allowing you to shoot live ammunition from a helicopter!
    • Address: 1503 Stonetree Drive, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 630-6313
  • Stonetree Golf Club: Operated by the City of Killeen, Stonetree offers a premier golf club experience at affordable prices. Admire the beauty of its rolling hills, multiple lakes, and lush green while enjoying a golf outing, tournament, or other event. The staff at Stonetree are experts in organizing nearly any sort of event its customers wish to put on, so feel free to contact them and get started on planning an unforgettable outing!
    • Address: 1600 Stonetree Drive, Killeen, TX
    • Phone: (254) 501-6575


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