How to Properly Store and Best Organize Holiday Decorations

How to Properly Store Holiday Decorations

Putting up holiday decorations is the inauguration of the Holiday season. Many people look forward to decorating their homes and businesses. It is a time to gather with loved ones and friends to spread holiday cheer. However, tangled lights, broken ornaments, and squished wreaths are not so cheerful and can really put a damper on this special time. To combat the holiday decoration mess and to ensure putting up decorations year after year goes as smoothly and joyfully as possible, follow the below “Best Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations.”

Best Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

  1. Choose Climate-Controlled – If you decide to go the self-storage route for your once-a-year holiday decorations, choose a unit that is climate controlled. Holiday candles, linens, and electrical parts fare much better in a climate-controlled environment. Choosing climate-controlled will ensure you don’t unpack melted candles, molded linens, and shorted lights.
  2. Choose Bins with Wheels – For large boxes of decorations (and especially trees), consider choosing bins with wheels to easily move your decorations.
  3. Color Coordinate Your Holiday Bins – Consider having different colored bins for each holiday to easily identify the decorations for the various holidays. For example, orange bins for fall, black bins for Halloween, pink bins for Valentine’s Day, green bins for Winter, etc.
  4. Pack Items Based On Decorations Location Together – Make sure the pack items that belong in relatively the same location together. For example, kitchen decorations together, outside decorations together, tree decorations together, etc. This will help with unpacking the decorations and allow you to decorate as you unpack.
  5. Put Boxes Away in Order of How They are Unpacked – Put boxes with decorations you would use to decorate last (i.e. holiday dishes, ornaments, Christmas village, etc.) on the bottom of stacks of decoration boxes and those you need at first (tree skirt, tree, Christmas village snow, tablecloth, etc.) near the top. This will help with unpacking the decorations and allow you to decorate as you unpack.
  6. Label Thoroughly – Label boxes as detailed as possible. Consider indicating decoration location (outside, kitchen, Christmas Tree, etc.), a detailed inventory of what is inside each box, and numbering sets of boxes that go together (1 of 3) if the same kind of decoration occupies more than one box. Unpacking is sure to go smoother when you know what is inside each box without having to open it.
  7. Follow These Specific Tips
    • Ornaments – Wrap each ornament in acid-free tissue paper (not newspaper as the ink can damage the ornaments) and store is a compartmentalized bin. Your compartmentalized bin can be a specialized ornament organizer, egg cartons, or even wine boxes. Any storage container with dividers will work. If you have metal ornaments you might consider storing them in a waterproof bin to prevent tarnishing.
    • Wreaths – Store wreaths carefully in hat boxes, specially designed wreaths boxes, or hang them up in a closet or on a wall peg. If you decide to box your wreath, be sure the box is big enough as not to squish the wreath. Do not place anything on top of the wreath box. If you choose to hang your wreath, attached your wreath to hanger with twist ties or wire and cover with a plastic bag to prevent dust.
    • Garlands – Coil garland neatly and carefully inside a covered plastic container to prevent it from becoming dusty or tangled.
    • Artificial Trees – Store tree in a large tree bag/case. This will protect it from dust and becoming squished. Storing this way means you can store it without having to take it apart. Consider a container with wheels for easy moving.
    • Lights – Toss out any light strands that have stopped working as to avoid hanging them up next year. Neatly coil each strand and secure with string or clips or wrap them around a spool (specialized light spools are available). Store in weather proof bags or bins. Consider adding labeling to bins as to the location where each strand is used for ease in hanging them up next year.
    • Seasonal Linens – Clean and dry thoroughly being sure to remove any stains, fold neatly, and store either in plastic bins, vacuum seal bags, or cover with plastic bags and hang in a closet. This will ensure stains will not set and your linens will not become molded.
    • Holiday Candles – Wrap each candle in tissues or cellophane (avoid plastic as it can melt onto the candle) and store in a bin in a cool place.
    • Inflatables – Deflate, check for any leaks or damaged electrical cords (fix or dispose), clean and dry thoroughly. Store in a waterproof bin. Storing this way will keep them from becoming moldy or ripped.
    • Christmas Village, Holiday Dishes, and Other Decorations – Wrap each item in bubble wrap and place tightly in a container with the biggest and heaviest items on the bottom.
    • Small Hardware (Ornament Hooks, Bulbs, Hangers, etc.) – Store in a plastic divided container like a pencil case or tackle box to prevent from becoming rusted or tangled.

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