How to Pack with Wardrobe Boxes

wardrobe boxes

When it comes to moving, the headache usually lies on how to pack clothes, since those are usually what we own the most. Some genius saw our pains and invented the wardrobe box to solve the problem. With the wardrobe box, the process of packing clothes is faster, easier and more convenient.

What is a Wardrobe Box?

Wardrobe boxes are specifically designed for storing clothes with a built-in metal hanging bar. Instead of folding clothes, storing them in regular boxes, you are saved from all of those hassles with wardrobe boxes. They are usually 44 ECT heavy duties boxes that can hold up about a half a standard size closet. These boxes act as a portable closet that let your clothes stayed on the hangers without getting wrinkles at ease. Once you get to your new place, it is convenient to transfer your clothes from these boxes to the new closet. You can purchase wardrobe boxes at home improvement stores in Texas, such as Home Depot. All of our locations also sell wardrobe boxes for $15.99 plus tax.

How to Pack with a Wardrobe Box

Although as simple as it is, there are dos and don’ts when using wardrobe boxes. Adopt these useful tips will let you get the most out of your wardrobe boxes when moving or storing your clothes in a self-storage unit.

Sort your clothes by type before placing them in the wardrobe box

Wardrobe boxes come in many sizes, therefore you might want to use different boxes for different lengths of the clothes. Two good things about this are first, you can save your clothes from getting wrinkles at the bottom and second, you can utilize the maximum space offered by the box. For example, a box for skirts or shirts can be shorter than a box for pants and long dresses. Sorting your clothes before packing and labeling the box helps you keep track with your belongings easier when storing them in a self-storage room or transferring your clothes faster to the new wardrobes.


Utilize wardrobe boxes for other items

Not many people know that wardrobe boxes aren’t just for your wardrobe, it is useful to store other light items such as mattresses, pillows, blankets, or even shoes. The floor of the box is the best place to store these items. However, do not put too many things here or you will wrinkle the clothes hung above.


Do not overpack a wardrobe box

A box, no matter if it is full or not, should not weigh any heavier than 50 lbs. Also, overpacking a wardrobe box can cause your clothes to get wrinkles.


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