Extra Space Storage Doesn’t Equal Extra Savings in Texas

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but when it comes to savings, Extra Space Storage doesn’t measure up. While many people gravitate towards the “big” name they see on signs when seeking extra space for their belongings, it’s important to remember that popularity doesn’t always equate to the best choice.

For decades, Extra Space Storage has dominated the self-storage industry, boasting over 2,000+ facilities scattered across the United States. With their Wall Street financing and numerous locations, it’s easy for people to settle for their higher prices out of sheer convenience.

However, we invite you to delve deeper into the world of self-storage as we explore the history of Extra Space Storage in Texas, the differences between a corporate Wall Street giant and a locally owned alternative like Amy’s Attic Self Storage, and why opting for Extra Space Storage ultimately means higher prices in the long run. Discover not only how supporting local businesses benefits our Central Texas community, but also how it can save a substantial amount in your wallet.


Extra Space Storage History in Texas

It all began in 1977, when Ken Wooley, the visionary founder, brought this groundbreaking venture to life in Billings, MT. Inspired by his research project during his graduate studies at Stanford University, Wooley embarked on a mission to revolutionize the storage industry. With relentless dedication, Wooley erected the inaugural Extra Space Storage property in May 1977. Little did he know that this humble beginning would propel Extra Space Storage to become the second-largest self-storage real estate investment trust in the entire United States.

Headquartered in Utah, Extra Space Storage has established itself as an unrivaled force in the industry, dominating the self-storage scene for decades. The numbers speak for themselves, as Extra Space Storage continues to reach new heights. Their impressive national portfolio boasts a staggering $4.6 billion in recent acquisitions.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the great state of Texas, where Extra Space Storage has firmly planted its roots. With an extensive network of over 229 facilities scattered across major cities, Extra Space Storage has become an integral part of the Lone Star State’s storage landscape. Today, their presence is undeniable, providing Texans with convenient storage solutions that cater to their diverse needs.


Wall Street Company vs. Locally Owned Amy’s Attic

While Extra Space Storage has undeniably achieved a remarkable position in the industry, it is essential to acknowledge the exceptional presence of locally owned companies throughout Texas. These homegrown enterprises add a distinctive touch, offering self-storage services in both bustling cities and charming small towns that Extra Space Storage doesn’t cover. It’s crucial not to overlook these local gems that fill the gaps where Extra Space Storage is absent.

As a Wall Street company, Extra Space Storage differs in several key aspects from locally owned business, Amy’s Attic Self Storage. Let’s explore the notable comparisons between these two storage providers.


Extra Space Storage, Wall Street Company:


  • Convenience and Accessibility: Extra Space Storage provides convenient and easily accessible storage facilities.
  • Modern and Secure Facilities: Extra Space Storage offers state-of-the-art, secure storage facilities.
  • Established and Trusted: With a strong track record and reputation, Extra Space Storage is an established and trusted name in the industry.
  • Market Leader: Extra Space Storage holds a prominent position as a market leader in the self-storage industry.


  • Pricing Structure: Extra Space Storage’s pricing structure may be less flexible compared to other options. The most common pricing gimmick is a teaser first month rental rate. Look at the fine print – the rental rate increases substantially in subsequent months.
  • Limited Personalized Storage Solutions: Extra Space Storage’s standardized approach may offer limited customization for individual storage needs.
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures: As a larger company, Extra Space Storage’s corporate policies and procedures may limit flexibility.
  • Profit-Oriented Approach: Extra Space Storage’s primary focus on profitability over community may overshadow individual customer satisfaction.
  • Less Local Community Involvement: Extra Space Storage’s involvement in the local community may be limited.


Amy’s Attic Self Storage, Locally Owned Business:


  • Competitive Rates and Straight Forward Promotions: Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers competitive rates and promotions, potentially leading to cost savings.
  • Supporting Small Business: Storing with Amy’s Attic Self Storage supports the local economy and small businesses.
  • Personalized Services: Amy’s Attic Self Storage prioritizes personalized services, tailoring solutions to individual storage needs.
  • Strong Customer Relationships: Building strong customer relationships is a key focus for Amy’s Attic Self Storage.
  • Community Involvement: Amy’s Attic Self Storage actively engages with and supports the local community.
  • Local Knowledge and Expertise: Amy’s Attic Self Storage possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise of the local area.
  • Direct Access to Decision-Makers: Customers have direct access to decision-makers for prompt assistance.
  • Facilities Located in Smaller Towns Where There is No Extra Space Storage: Amy’s Attic Self Storage fills the gap in storage services in smaller Texas markets.


  • Limited Availability and Locations: Amy’s Attic Self Storage may have fewer facilities and limited availability compared to larger “Wall Street” companies.
  • Limited Unit Sizing Options: The range of unit sizes available at Amy’s Attic Self Storage may seem more restricted in comparison to larger storage companies.


Extra Space = Higher Prices

Extra Space Storage prides itself on providing customers with additional space for their storage needs. However, it’s important to recognize that this “extra” space comes at a significant cost. The company’s pricing structure is designed to capitalize on their perceived “1st month” advantage, resulting in higher long-term prices compared to other locally owned storage providers.

Extra Space Storage leverages various factors to justify their inflated pricing. They take advantage of market demand, location, unit size, and amenities to charge customers with higher rates. Aware of their position as an industry leader, Extra Space Storage capitalizes on their reputation to justify their premium pricing. They rely on the familiarity of their brand name, knowing that customers may be willing to pay more for the illusion of extra space and the perceived prestige associated with their facilities.


Store Local in Texas at Amy’s Attic Self Storage

With five locations throughout Central Texas, Amy’s Attic offers an accessible and clean environment for your residential and business storage needs. For more info on storage options, please visit our website at https://www.amysatticss.com.

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