How to Store Porcelain Dolls (or Collectible Dolls)

How to Store Porcelain Dolls

If you collect porcelain dolls, then you know, if stored properly, they can last for decades and even centuries. Like most antique collectible items, porcelain dolls increase in value the longer you have them. Many dolls have historical or family value from being passed down from generation to generation.

In order to preserve their timeless qualities, it is crucial to handle and store them with care. The condition can be preserved through regular cleanings and following storage best practices. Self storage is a reliable way to provide a safe, temporary home for your porcelain dolls. Since Amy’s Attic Self Storage is the self storage leader in Central TX, continue to read our tips on how to best store porcelain dolls.


Regular Cleaning

Before storing your porcelain dolls, the dolls must be cleaned well. You can extend the life and elevate the quality of your dolls by implementing a regular cleaning schedule. Since even minor damages could damage the integrity of your doll, wear white non-abrasive gloves when handling your dolls. The gloves prevent any oil or dirt from your fingertips from wearing down or staining the materials. Since porcelain dolls are extremely delicate, a towel should be placed under the doll to prevent any potential scratches. To ensure clean dolls for storage, follow the steps below.

  1. Remove dust from the cleaning station. This first step ensures that no extra debris will cling to the doll during the cleaning process.
  2. Lightly dust the dolls with a feather duster or light paint brush.
  3. Remove smudges or marks gently with mild soap and a cotton ball or q-tip.
  4. Avoid using soap and/or water on the doll’s hair and clothes where the glue would be holding it together. If the glue gets wet or soapy, it will weaken the hold.
  5. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach or peroxide. These chemicals can damage the porcelain and the clothing of the dolls.
  6. If there are any cracks or bigger damages, then seek out a professional doll repairer to fix it.

Video on Doll Cleaning

Are you a visual learner? Then, watch the short video below on how to properly clean a porcelain doll before storage.

Porcelain Doll Storage Tips

While cleaning the dolls is an important step, it will all be worthless if improperly stored. Porcelain dolls require a specific type of environment and container to ensure their longevity. Here are our top storage tips for extending the life of your porcelain dolls.

  1. Climate controlled storage units. To avoid discoloration or molding, it is important to have control over the levels of humidity, temperature, and sunlight control. Ideally, climate-controlled storage units are perfect since they avoid the sun, have well-ventilated air, and air conditioning. Be sure to inspect your self storage unit before signing a lease or monthly agreement.
  2. Acid-free packing paper. Before placing the dolls in containers, dolls should be wrapped in acid-free packing paper. The packing paper will protect the dolls from chipping or bumping into each other. Do not wrap in newspapers since the chemicals and ink from newspapers can stain the porcelain.
  3. Moth crystals. If your dolls have wool clothing, then moth crystals are a great way to prevent moths from eating the wool. Just make sure that the moth crystals are not directly touching the porcelain – only the wool.
  4. Breathable containers. In order to preserve the quality of the dolls while in storage, the dolls should be placed in breathable, clean containers. Acid-free cardboard boxes, air-tight, sealed glass containers, or plastic containers are all affordable options that offer secure storage.
  5. Label boxes. Boxes should be labeled to make it easier to find the dolls in storage. Additionally, creating an inventory log will speed up the process of sorting through each box.
  6. Write Fragile on each box. While this goes without saying, porcelain dolls are extremely fragile. By writing “fragile” on each box, it will remind you or whoever is moving the boxes to be extra careful when handling.

Where to Buy Porcelain Dolls in Central Texas?

Since porcelain dolls are collectible items, they can be difficult to find in any average store. Most of the time, the valuable and rare dolls will be found in antique, collectible shops. Antique and collectible shops have specific standards for accepting items, so the dolls offered would be in decent shape. Unfortunately, not all cities in Central Texas have porcelain doll stores or antique shops. We compiled a list of some of the closest stores to Central Texas that may have what you are looking for.


  1. Collectible Doll Company
    Address: 1401 American Way, Cedar Hill, TX 75104
    Phone: (469) 272-7722
    Website: Collectible Doll Company, LLC – Home


  1. Enchanted Dolls
    Address: 6519 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112
    Phone: (817) 451-3655
    Website: Enchanted Dolls – Home | Facebook


  1. Attic Antiquity Dolls
    Address: 8351 N State Highway 123, Seguin, TX 78155
    Phone: (830) 606-5868
    Website: Attic Antiquity Dolls, Doll Doctor, Doll Show (

If you are looking for used porcelain dolls online, then consider searching eBay or CraigsList for a private seller.

How Valuable are Porcelain Dolls?

Since the market for porcelain dolls is very niche, the price for an antique porcelain doll can vary greatly depending on the condition, age, and authenticity. While some dolls may only sell for $25, others that mark the right criteria can sell for thousands of dollars. In 2014, the most expensive porcelain doll was sold by Theriault’s for $300,000. Unlike any of the other porcelain dolls, this specific doll was a part of a limited edition doll set made by French sculptor, Albert Marque, in 1916. The doll not only held authenticity and rarity but kept its perfect condition for over 100 years. Like any antiques, porcelain dolls can be seen as an investment. With the proper care and the right doll, you may have a valuable investment or family treasure on your hands.

Amy’s Attic Self Storage | A Temporary Home for Your Dolls

Looking for a temporary home for your dolls? Amy’s Attic Self Storage has you covered! With temperature-controlled units and awesome customer service, Amy’s Attic Self Storage is your best option for self storage units in Central Texas.  Our facilities feature:

  • Climate Controlled Units
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  • No Sunlight Inside Units
  • Clean and Well Lit
  • Month to Month Contracts and Leasing
  • 24-hour Surveillance
  • 24/7 Gate Access
  • Great Customer Service
  • And 8 conveniently located storage facilities throughout Central Texas!

If you are interested in renting a brand new storage unit or have any questions about the leasing process, then please call 855-426-9728. Protect your treasured porcelain dolls by storing them with Amy’s Attic Self Storage!

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