Take Your Taste Buds on a Journey in Salado, TX

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If Texans are famous for one thing, it’s barbecue. And while the Lone Star State specializes in the exquisite artistry behind sizzling meat and spices on a grill, the little village of Salado is living proof of Texas’s superiority in many other culinary styles, from fine wine and dining to light bistro fare and baked goods.

Just about every street in downtown Salado is packed with local breweries, cafes, and restaurants. For natives and visitors alike, the choices can be overwhelming. Allow the following list to serve as a road-map through the culinary landmarks of Salado, courtesy of Amy’s Attic Self Storage.

Culinary Landmarks in Salado, Texas

Lively Coffee House & Bistro
Website: http://livelycoffeehouse.com/
Get Lively! Family owned and operated, this cute little coffee bar offers light bistro fare and special deals for repeat customers! Start your day off right with a fresh latte and some cream cheese-topped apple cinnamon bread.

The Barton House
Website: https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-barton-house-salado-2
Location: 101 N Main Street, Salado, TX
This unassuming house, nestled between trees, was built in 1866 and has blended both old and new construction into a uniquely Salado atmosphere. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, the house has operated as a boarding house, medical practice, private residence, and now an acclaimed restaurant! Enjoy the reasonably priced meals crafted in the house’s 1,200 sq.ft. kitchen.

Chupacabra Craft Beer
Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialChupacabraSalado
Location: 401 S Main Street, Suite 105, Salado, TX
Unlike the fearsome mythological creature of this local hotspot’s namesake, Chupacabra Craft Beer is anything but frightening. Take a tour of their wine collection and celebrate this 4th of July with their Independence Brewery beers on tap!

The Pizza Place
Website: http://www.pizzaplacesalado.com/
Location: 230 N Main Street, Salado, TX
For a more casual and low-cost dining experience, look no further than The Pizza Place! Keep an eye out for their great deals and specials every day of the week.

Lynette’s Church Street Bake Shoppe
Website: https://www.yelp.com/biz/lynettes-church-street-bake-shoppe-salado
Location: 100 N Church Street, Salado, TX
Step into one of the cutest bake shops in town, decorated like a ranch-style family kitchen with quaint mismatched chairs and decorations from times past, but fondly remembered. Enjoy the fresh muffins, cookies, and cinnamon rolls baked in-house.

Salado Winery Company
Website: http://www.saladowine.com/
Location: 841 N Main Street, Salado, TX
Locally grown, locally made. If you’re looking for premium wine, the appropriately-named Salado Winery might just be your first and last stop. With many wines sourced right from their own vines, along with wine from over 35 other vintners from across Texas, they’ve appropriately dubbed themselves curators of the “Texiest” wines around.

McCain’s Bakery & Cafe
Website: http://www.mccainsbakeryandcafe.com/
Location: 417 N Main Street, Salado, TX
A local favorite, McCain’s offers a broad range of appropriately-priced, delicious food to satisfy any appetite and mood. Whether you’re passing through town off the I-35 or have lived in Salado for years, McCain’s is always a good bet for classic American breakfast or lunch.

Ramble Garden and Farmhouse Grill
Website: https://www.ramblerestaurant.com/
Location: 109 Royal Street, Salado, TX
Looking to impress a date or business partner? Ramble Garden and Farmhouse Grill is a modern, sleek take on classic dining, offering exotic dishes that take a walk on the wild side. More traditional Texan favorites are served at their attached Farmhouse Grill, as well as a massive cocktail and drinks menu.

Inn on the Creek
Website: http://www.inncreek.com/
Location: 602 Center Circle, Salado, TX
Last but most certainly not least, the Inn on the Creek is a large bed-and-breakfast showcasing not just the natural beauty and hospitality of Salado, but its incredible food and artistry. Boasting multiple restaurants, lounges, and private fine dining on the same property, Inn on the Creek is suitable for any kind of visitor, whether you’re planning a proposal at The Pagoda, looking for a tasty lunch at The Shed, looking for a night out at Alexander’s, or looking to cater your next event with The Range. At the Inn, food, drinks, and atmosphere are aplenty.

Amy’s Attic Self Storage is proud to serve local communities, events, and charities across Central Texas, and with our unparalleled customer service, we’re proud to serve you, too! Visit any one of our locations, including in Salado, TX, and know your personal belongings will be kept in good hands.

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