What Can Fit in a 10 x 25 Storage Unit?

When comparing your options for leasing a self-storage unit in Texas, you might be wondering how much can fit in the different unit sizes. In other areas of the U.S. smaller 5×5 units are often the most popular size. But, as the saying goes: “It’s Bigger in Texas.” A 10×25 unit is a popular size in the Texas market. However, before you sign your rental agreement, you’ll want to make sure it’s the right option for you based on your personal or business storage needs. Let’s take a look at what you can fit in a 10×25 storage unit and some typical use cases for this type of storage solution.


How Big is a 10×25 Storage Unit?

A 10×25 storage unit is 10 feet in width and 25 feet long, offering you 250 square feet of storage space. You’ll find that this type of storage unit often has a tall ceiling, allowing you to stack boxes as needed to maximize your use of the storage space. As a general rule, you can fit the contents of about six rooms in your home within one of these storage units. It’s the type of unit that many people rent when moving between homes or when they find themselves with excess items that they simply don’t have the space for. Of course, the size of the storage unit you need will vary on how many belongings you have to store and how long you are planning to use this storage space for.


How Many Boxes Can Fit in a 10×25 Storage Unit?

If you opt to use standard packing boxes for your belongings, then you’ll be pleased to know you can store a couple of hundred boxes in a 10×25 storage unit. Keep in mind that if you stack your storage boxes too high and deeply, then the boxes can be difficult to access should you need to get to your belongings in a rush. If you have any questions about renting a 10×25 storage unit or about what you can keep inside your unit, then contact Amy’s Attic Self Storage today. Our team will be happy to discuss whether a 10×25 unit is the right size option for your needs. We have several different unit sizes available, and we want to offer you the best storage solution that will help you during your current life stage / transition.


What Items Can Fit in a 10×25 Storage Unit?

As well as storing boxes in a 10×25 storage unit, you could also opt to add other items from your home or business. Consider adding kitchen appliances, furniture sets, office furniture, large electronics, treadmills, or office supplies. Both homeowners and business owners could benefit from this type of storage unit, and it’s a versatile solution for almost any situation. For anyone moving from a large home, you may find you need to upgrade to a slightly larger storage unit to fit all of your furniture. However, this unit size is usually a good start for most homeowners and could easily fit the entire contents of an apartment or smaller home.


Can You Store Electronics in a 10×25 Storage Unit?

Our 10×25 storage units are ideal for storing TVs, large electronics, computers, printers, and kitchen appliances. One thing to keep in mind when you do store electronics is that they need to be in a climate-controlled unit. Temperature-controlled units are especially important in Texas if you plan to store for a few months or longer. Climate-controlled units will stop the electronics from deteriorating, which can happen when they are exposed to moisture or temperature changes. You’ll also need to make sure you insure any valuable items in your storage unit. Amy’s Assurance Alliance is our insurance program, and this insurance protects both you (the Tenant) and us (the Landlord).


Common Uses of a 10×25 Storage Unit

There are dozens of reasons why individuals and families turn to Amy’s Attic Self Storage to rent a 10 x 25 storage unit. Many homeowners now opt to use a storage unit instead of keeping items inside their home, garage, attic, or basement. Storage units are a great way to reduce clutter in your home while still keeping hold of some of those precious belongings you aren’t ready to part with just yet. Families often find they have a length of time to spare between closing on a home and moving into their new house. For that reason, they need somewhere to store all of their belongings safely to simplify the moving process. If you are a Texas snowbird or travel regularly or are deployed abroad for work or in the military, then you may need somewhere to lock everything away safely for a few months or longer.

In addition to personal / residential storage, businesses in Texas often need additional storage space. Many small business owners opt to rent a storage unit for extra warehouse space instead of leasing or buying a larger property. Whatever the reason for needing a storage unit, you’ll find that leasing a storage unit from Amy’s Attic Self Storage is a secure and cost-effective way to protect your business assets.


How Much Does a 10×25 Storage Unit Cost?

Rates can vary by the season, but on average you can expect to pay somewhere between $250 – $300 per month for a climate-controlled 10 x 25 storage unit. The exact cost of renting a 10×25 storage unit will depend on a variety of factors including insurance and discounts (as some customers qualify for both military and annual payment discounts). Our team will be happy to discuss the options on offer to you, as the length of time you need it for will impact the overall charge. We are committed to helping you find a secure storage solution that will help your family or business over the upcoming months.


Where Can I Rent a 10×25 Storage Unit in Central Texas?

As one can see, you can certainly fit a lot into a 10×25 storage unit. This unit size is one of the most popular sizes, especially for individuals and business owners who need a quick and easy solution to store a large amount of furniture or belongings. Amy’s Attic Self Storage currently has 10 x 25 storage units available for lease at the following storage facilities:

With exceptional security systems, wide drive aisles and awesome customer service, Amy’s Attic is your best option for storing valuables, business assets, and cherished personal belongings. Texans choose Amy’s Attic because of our convenient locations and the unique features listed below.

  • 10% Military Discount
  • Electronic Gates
  • Monthly Rates (No Long Term Contracts)
  • Referral Rewards Program
  • Annual Discounts
  • Use of FREE Moving Truck
  • 24 Hour Surveillance Cameras

If you are searching for a self-storage unit in Central TX, then look no further. Your search is over. Amy’s Attic Self Storage is the leading self-storage brand in Central Texas. Call (855) 426-9728 for more info on how to reserve a storage unit for your upcoming move, relocation, or life transition.


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