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I have been in other storage facilities before, but Amy’s in Belton, I am very impressed. The ladies take time to work with the customers. One day I did find the lights weren’t working in my area and that very day the ladies had the lights repaired and working. One problem I do see is mice in my unit, but I am hoping the poison will eliminate that problem. I have yet to see storage units without mice. The staff in Belton are great. If I were an undercover boss, I’d make them all managers or supervisors. Besides that, the ladies are all very pretty. The prices are very good for the different size storage units. The site is well lit at night and there are cameras. If you need a good storage facility, I can honestly tell you Amy’s in Belton is good. Me, I am a happy camper with this facility. Oh, if you have large travel trailers, this facility has a place for them. I couldn’t tell you the price, but if I did have a large vehicle or boat, I would put it in this facility if had nowhere else.

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