Temple Texas History

History of Temple, Texas

Located sixty-seven miles north of Austin and thirty-six miles south of Waco lies Temple, Texas. With a 2020 population of approximately 82,987, Temple is the 48th largest city in Texas, according to World Population Review. Temple has continued to experience economic prosperity on account of being a healthcare industry hub / medical center leader.

Its central location in Texas not only is beneficial for the medical community, but goods distribution to nearby metropolitan areas like Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth. While Temple has grown exponentially within the past 100 years, Temple was not always the booming corporate workforce it is today. By understanding the rich history of Temple, Texas, we can appreciate the hard work and growth it took as a community to become the city it is today.


Temple Then

In 1881, Temple was founded as a railroad town, attracting a diverse population from all around. After being incorporated in 1882, the town was named Temple after the Santa Fe Railroad Official, Bernard Moore Temple. As railroad workers increased, post offices and railroad shops were established in the area. This development created opportunity for economic growth, therefore, bringing more people to Temple.

Within ten years of being founded, the Santa Fe Hospital was established, thus, creating more economic prosperity for the newly established city. The city of Temple underwent a rapid city expansion after more medical jobs were created through establishment of the King’s Daughters Hospital and Scott and White Hospital. While the city’s growth was shortly suspended during the Great Depression, Temple was able to recover through the addition of a new Veterans hospital.

This hospital was especially important to the city’s recovery since Temple was located close in proximity to Fort Worth. Temple, back then, grew in ways to not only create economic prosperity, but to provide prosperity for its community. The people of Temple have always been the main priority.


Temple Today

While the Temple economy may have started with the Santa Fe Hospital, it has not limited its economy to exclusively medicine. Though a diverse economy of agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and medicine, Temple has managed to consistently grow economically and in population.

Over 100 years of economic growth has allowed Temple to contribute to Texas’ high-speed rail operation and three major hospitals. Temple continues to prosper as it adds an impressive number of regional distribution centers and headquarters to the city. Companies like Wilsonart International and McLane Company, Temple Bottling Company, and Texas Hydraulics Inc. have contributed to maintaining the continual economic growth Temple keeps today. In the same manner of Temple 100 years ago, the city still maintains its determined and hard-working ethic that makes Temple successful.


Notable People from Temple

Although Temple, TX is not a large city, it still has birthed or been the home of many notable people who have contributed to U.S. society and culture.

  • J. Adkins: Dean of Temple College in the 1940s; Founding President of Laredo Community College.
  • Samuel “Sammy” Baugh: American Professional Football Player and Hall of Famer. Baugh led the Washington Redskins to winning the NFL Championship in 1937 and 1942.
  • John Britt Daniel: Co-founder, lead singer, and musician of the rock band Spoon.
  • Gloria Feldt: Women’s Rights Advocate.
  • “Mean” Joe Greene: American Professional Football Player and Hall of Famer. Greene appeared in a famous TV commercial for Coca-Cola that aired during Super Bowl XIV in 1980.
  • “Blind” Willie Johnson: Musician. He was born in Pendleton, Texas just north of Temple and was a pioneer in American Folk Music.
  • Rip Torn: Actor. Famously known for his roles in Cross Creek, Dodgeball, Men in Black, and The Larry Sanders Show.
  • Kenneth Earl Davis: Former American Professional Football Running Back.
  • Bernard A. Harris Jr.: Former NASA Astronaut. Famously known as the first African American to perform an extra-vehicular activity (spacewalk).
  • Joe Craig McMurtry: Former Pitcher for the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers. Current baseball coach at Temple College.
  • Logan Henderson: American singer and actor. Famously known for his role in Big Time Rush.

Attractions in Temple

Wanting to be a tourist for the day, but don’t want to leave town? Look no further than Temple’s main attractions. The city has plenty to offer current residents and tourists. Whether you are in the mood for a history refresher or a literal refresher at the water park, Temple can do it all. Plan your next family outing or a date night at one of our top recommendations below.

  1. Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum

Address: 315 W Avenue B, Temple, TX 76501
Website: Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum

  1. Temple Symphony Orchestra

Address: 2600 South 1st St., Temple. TX 76504
Website: Temple Symphony Orchestra

  1. Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center

Address: 119 W French Ave, Temple, TX 76501
Website: Czech Heritage Museum & Genealogy Center

  1. Friar’s Creek Trail

Address: 5000 S. 5th St., Temple, Texas
Website: Friar’s Creek Trail

  1. Lions Junction Family Water Park

Address: 5000 S. 5th St., Temple, Texas
Website: Lions Junction Family Water Park

  1. Cultural Activities Center

Address: 3011 N. 3rd St., Temple, TX 76501
Website: Music Art Private Event Venue | Cultural Activities Center | cacarts.org

  1. Temple Civic Theatre

Address: 2413 S. 13th St., Temple, TX 76504
Website: Home | Temple Civic Theatre


Temple Important Phone Numbers

  • Police Department: (254) 298-5500
  • Fire Department: (254) 298-5682
  • Public Works Department: (254) 298-5725
  • Hospital – Baylor Scott & White Medical Center: (254) 724-2111
  • High School: (254) 215-7000
  • Public Library: (254) 298-5556
  • Municipal Court: (254) 298-5687

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