Best Practices for Storing Lawn Mowers and Yard Equipment

store lawn mower

Storing lawn mowers and other yard equipment, such as blowers and chainsaws, correctly allows them to be easily used when they are taken out of storage. Whether you want to store a lawn mower for the winter or you just want to free up space in your garage for a season, self storage is an excellent option. Lawn mowers, gardening tools, hoses and lawn trimmers can be expensive to replace, and you want to be sure that they are being stored properly to keep them in good condition.

How to Properly Store a Lawn Mower

One of the largest expenses for your lawn is the mower (especially if it is a John Deere or Husqvarna riding mower). Here are some preparation tips and steps you can take to ensure your lawn mower is stored properly.

  • Clean the blades and grass clippings of any dirt, grass or leaves that are under the mower
  • Spray an engine degreaser on the mower to clean any oil stains
  • Empty the gas tank before putting the mower into storage. Failing to empty the tank is the most common cause of a lawn mower not being able to start because it clogs the carburetor with a buildup of stale fuel.
  • Change the oil and replace the air filter. Also take the time to check the spark plugs for any that need to be replaced
  • Place cardboard or tarp beneath the mower when keeping it in a storage unit

Resources for Central Texas Residents

If you inspect your lawn mower for storage and you find that anything that needs repaired, there are many lawn mower repair companies in Central Texas that can help you get your lawn mower back up and running before putting it in storage. Below are some lawnmower repair companies located in Central Texas.

  • 439 Fix-It – Belton, Texas
  • AJ’s Repair & Services – Copperas Cove, Texas
  • BNR Small Engine Repair – Belton, Texas
  • BellCo Repair Center – Killeen, Texas

Storing Other Lawn Equipment

Other yard equipment, such as chainsaws and blowers, that is motorized should also have the gas tank emptied to prevent any damage. Non motorized tools like shovels, rakes and brooms can be stored somewhere dry and hung up on a wall. Some trimmers and other sharp tools may need to be sharpened before putting them in storage to be working great when they are pulled out of storage. Caring for yard equipment before it is stored is a great way to keep all of your tools in their best condition (and extend their usable life).

Selecting a Storage Unit in Texas

Your lawn mower and yard equipment are now ready for storage! Amy’s Attic Self Storage provides various options of climate-controlled storage units that would keep your lawnmower and other lawn equipment in superb condition. All five of our conveniently located storage facilities are prepared to provide storage for your yard equipment. Residential lawn equipment fits well into our 5 x 10 storage units. Because of the size of our facilities, we can also work with commercial lawn maintenance companies to store several mowers or pieces of equipment in larger size units. For seasonal lawn or landscaping businesses, our secure storage service may be a great way for you to protect your equipment during off-peak times. Please contact us today at 855-426-9728 or visit us on the web at to determine the Texas storage location most convenient to you.

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