How Self Storage Can Help You Sell Your Texas House for a Higher Price

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Are you having trouble selling your Texas house?

According to the National Association of REALTORS® Research Group’s “2019 Profile of Home Staging” a median of 10% of those who responded said that buyers felt a home should appear as those on TV. 83% of buyer’s agents said that staging a home or preparing the home to appeal to the most potential buyers through décor, decluttering, furniture placement, etc. had a positive effect on most buyers’ view or perception of the home. The use of self storage can help sellers prepare their homes as of those on TV to attract buyers and sell Texas homes for a higher price.

Self storage can help a home on the market show better, sell more quickly, and sell for higher price by helping the home appear bigger, less cluttered, less personalized, and more functional.

Self Storage can Help a Home Appear Less Cluttered

Storing away everything you don’t actually need on a day to day basis, including bulky furniture, can help your house appear less cluttered and bigger overall. It is suggested by realtors and staging experts that sellers remove as many personal belongings as possible from every area of the house, including pantries, closets, outside spaces, refrigerators, garages, etc. Remember that most buyers will look into every area of a house when trying to determine if the home has ample storage and is a good fit for them.

Self Storage can Help a Home Appear Less Personalized

Packing away more personal items like photos, books, toys, and awards can help potential buyers better visualize their belongings and themselves living in the space. Storing personal belongings out of sight also helps buyers get a feel for the home itself without getting distracted by your belongings.

Self Storage can Help a Home Show Better Overall

Storing many of your belongings in a self storage unit can allow your home to show better overall. More available space can provide the opportunity to stage your home in a way that is appealing to most buyers. Staging can also allow your organized and depersonalized home to still feel warm and inviting. Without your excess belongings, your listing photos will be more appealing, which can result in more buyers visiting your home. Moving your items into a self storage facility before you do your house photos is a good idea because most buyers use online photos to decide which homes to tour. Buyers do not want to waste their time (or their agents time) by scheduling appointments to view cluttered homes.

Why Amy’s Attic Self Storage (5 Convenient Locations in Central Texas)

Amy’s Attic Self Storage with five locations in Central Texas can help you store your belongings (including RV, boat, and vehicle) during the home selling process (ideally at the beginning of the process). The friendly and knowledgeable staff, along with their sizing guide, can help you with selecting the unit (size, security, climate-controlled) that is right for your needs. With top of the line security (electronic keypad locked gates, 24-hour surveillance, alarmed units, etc.), and a ton of convenience features (free move-in truck, month to month leasing, several payment options, etc.).

You can trust that at Amy’s Attic Self Storage your items will be safe, and your experience will be hassle-free. Lastly, you will be able to store your belongings for as long as you need to sell your house without being worried about being locked into a long-term contract. Don’t hesitate to contact an Amy’s Attic location near you for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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