How to Store Restaurant Equipment in Texas

Did you know that there are approximately 40,000 restaurants and/or bars in Texas (2015 data)? Self storage is one of the best ways for restaurants owners in Texas to safely store their restaurant equipment. Your restaurant needs equipment and tools to succeed. Restaurant equipment and tools can be expensive, so it just makes sense to want the best for them in storage. Knowing how to safely put them away for however long you need them to be is essential for your restaurant if your restaurant or food service business is:

  • moving locations
  • temporarily closing
  • or even selling the stored equipment to buy more.

Restaurant equipment can fall under many different categories with many different needs. No one can know how to store them better than you and the professionals in your restaurant. Self storage allows you the freedom and personal discretion to organize your equipment exactly how you prefer, and to only pay for what you need when you need it.


Restaurant Equipment You Can Store


Patio Furniture

Outdoor dining has become quite popular in recent months. Patio or outdoor furniture can be put into storage in its off season to easily save space in your restaurant. Different materials may require different treatment to help avoid damage while in long-term storage.


Wood should be put in a temperature and humidity-controlled area. Covering the furniture with a tarp or furniture covers can keep everything clean, dust-free, and most importantly free of excess moisture or light exposure.  

Metal and Aluminum 

If rust has formed, use a rust-neutralizing primer and smooth it down over damaged areas. Coating the items in automotive wax before storing them will preserve their shine and surface integrity.  


Cold temperatures can make plastic materials brittle and prone to cracking, so it is best to keep them inside in a temperature-controlled unit when it’s colder. Clean and rinse all the furniture with soap and water and let them air dry before storing.

Plates and Utensils

Your plates and utensils should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before storage. Wrap them in newspaper for easy transit and to keep them safe from scratching or bending. Store them in organized containers or bins that are sealed from all moisture—dampness can cause tarnish.

China and Porcelain           

Porcelain plates or other dishware should be wrapped in paper and stored without anything resting on top or against it. Many plates can be best stored alongside each other in specialized vertical shelving rather than stacked on top of each other, as that can greatly increase the risk of chipping or cracking.


Fine silver pieces should be polished and wrapped individually in acid-free tissue paper without any silver touching each other. Any metal utensils should be kept in containers that minimize moisture. If you plan to take them out sooner than other items, place them at the top of any stacked items and towards the front of the unit for easy access.

Larger Equipment

If you have larger items such as stoves or fridges, then make sure that they are cleaned and completely free of moisture or grease. If you can partially disassemble the appliance to make for easy storage and transit that could be very helpful but be sure to mark and keep all parts together, so they don’t get lost. In the case of refrigerators, unplug the unit at least a day before putting it in storage to allow any ice in the freezer portion to defrost and be cleaned out to ensure it’s dry. Unplugging the fridge just before transporting it to storage means any ice on the interior walls will melt and rust, turn to hard water, or even attract mildew or mold. Appliances with doors, such as ovens or fridges, should be secured closed with zip-ties, cables or rope to avoid the doors flapping open and potentially damaging itself or other items while in transit. Cover appliances with thick blankets or packing wrap to further protect any glass or other delicate components, especially if these heavy appliances will have smaller items stacked on top.

Seasonal Items

If you are storing seasonal items, it’s best to keep them in the back of the unit. It can be a headache to have to climb behind or get around seasonal items to reach what you need, so be sure to place them in the back so you can get them the next year.

Food Items

Storing food is usually not a good idea in storage units, but nonperishable foods are generally accepted so long as they remain unopened and protected. Food items need to be inaccessible from rodents, insects, moisture, or extremes of temperature, so indoor storage units are the safest method. Cans are best stored in cardboard boxes or other containers that hold them without giving them much room to move and bump against each other. Glass jars or bottles should be wrapped in newspaper or packing wrap to protect them from breakage. Some items that can be stored in perfect condition in a temperature-controlled unit are:

  • Canned foods
  • Grains and flour
  • Spices
  • Consumable liquids

Storing any food items in a storage unit can still come with risks. Never eat any nonperishable food if:

  • The can is leaking, heavily bent, dented, rusted, or bulging
  • The jar is leaking, cracked, or the lid is loose or bulges
  • The safety seal/vacuum is broken
  • The container spurts liquid when opened
  • The contents of the container smell or taste foul or unusual
  • The expiration date has passed


Storage Units Are Ideal for Food Trucks & Food Delivery Businesses in TX

If you own a food truck or a restaurant in Texas that only delivers, then you may find yourself pressed for space. A storage unit is ideal for your business, as it offers you limitless access to and space for your items so you can be on the clock whenever you need to be. With temperature and humidity-controlled units, you can rest assured knowing anything you need to store will be safe and secure for as long as you need it.

Top Rated Restaurants in Central Texas

Megg’s Cafe
Address: 1749 Everton Dr, Temple, TX 76504
Phone: (254) 771-3800

The Gin at Nolan Creek
Address: 219 S East St, Belton, TX 76513
Phone: (254) 613-4446

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Address: 2132 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76706
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Johnny’s Steaks & Bar-Be-Que
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Where to Buy Restaurant Equipment in Central Texas

Centex Used Restaurant Equipment
Address: 2215 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701
Phone: (254) 424-9181

Auto-Chlor System
Address: 6424 Depot Dr, Waco, TX 76712
Phone: (254) 741-0088

Country Restaurant Supply
Address: 2609 S 37th St, Temple, TX 76504
Phone: (254) 778-1777

Tri-Supply – Temple
Address: 11350 NW H K Dodgen Loop, Temple, TX 76504
Phone: (254) 771-3500

Central TX Self Storage Facilities – Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers a safe storage environment for your important restaurant equipment. With climate-controlled storage units and professional service, we are a great option for restaurant owners and managers looking to store equipment and supplies. If you are a restaurant or food service company in Central Texas interested in leasing a storage unit or have any questions, then please contact Amy’s Attic at 855-426-9728. With our newest facility opening in Waco, TX, Amy’s Attic Self Storage now offers 5 convenient storage locations across Central Texas.

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