How Self Storage Can Ease Your Upcoming Texas Home Renovation

home renovation storage in Texas

What is Construction Dust?

When you renovate your home, different types of dusts can be found in and possibly pollute your home. Construction dust is generally one of 3 types: silica dust, wood dust and lower toxicity dusts. The first type, Silica, is created when working on materials like concrete, mortar and sandstone. Wood dust is created when construction is done on hardwood, plywood, MDF and softwood. The last type, lower toxicity dusts, are created when construction is done on materials with little to no silica like plasterboard, limestone, marble and gypsum.

High dust levels will be in your home depending on the scale of the renovation. The more work involved with larger and more powerful tools like grinders, cut off saws and grit blasters, more dust will be produced. The dust will accumulate over time. Home renovations are often known for lasting a long time. Sadly, many home and commercial renovation projects commonly go over or past projected timelines and deadlines. The longer the construction work lasts, the more dust will be accumulated.

Health Hazards from Construction Dust

Anyone with experience working on a construction site knows how dangerous dust-related health problems can be. Some symptoms like asthma can come on quickly but other issues are created from a build up in the lungs and become life threatening. The main dust related diseases are lung cancer, asthma, COPD and Silicosis. Leaving your items out during a long or major renovation can create more dust in the air that you may not see or notice after the project is completed. To help prevent major dust build up in your home and damage to your lungs, storing your items during a renovation is a wise idea.

Prevent Accidents and Damage During a Home Remodel in Texas by Storing Items in a Secure Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit

Even if you are not concerned about dust and dirt, you should be concerned about your belongings getting broken during the renovation process. Renovation projects require a lot of space and an open area. During your renovation there may be many construction workers on site carrying heavy equipment and removing large sections of your home. With so much construction and remodeling taking place a lot of items are prone to break during a home remodel. Narrow walkways and items being moved around can create a lot of damage to expensive or vital home items. These can include the microwave, coffee makers, lamps, glassware, ceiling lights and light fixtures. In order to keep your items safe from damage and dust, you should consider self storage. Storing your belongings in a storage unit can keep them climate controlled and out of any danger during your renovation.

Create Space for Your Central TX Home Remodeling Project – Space for Materials, Supplies, and Contractors

Workers need space to move around your home during a renovation. The tools being used are often very large and require a significant amount of room for their tools as well. Limited space in your home can cause issues with dust, damage and being able to work on the home projects. Freeing up some space by storing your home items in a storage unit can prevent any future possible damage. Also, the additional space could even help speed up the renovation process with a clear, open area to work with.

Home Remodelers in Central Texas

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