Power Tools, Small Machinery, and Small Construction Equipment Storage in Texas

Power Tools Storage Amy's Attic

Contractors and small equipment owners often find themselves weighing the cost of storing power tools and construction materials versus re-purchasing the equipment and materials between projects.

It is often most cost effective to store versatile or equipment that can be used for a variety of projects, equipment used for recurring business (like building several of the same gas station), and specialty or difficult-to-purchase equipment. It is not only cost effective to store items, such as, drills, saws, sanders, grinders, pressure washers, general tools, lumber, and roofing materials at storage facilities, but is a good way to keep these items safe from theft and out of the reach of children.

Small Equipment Storage

Power tools, construction materials, and other small equipment should not be stored just anywhere. There are several factors one should consider when choosing a storage facility for this type of equipment, such as, facility location (will it be difficult to get to), security features, payment options, gate hours, and contract timeframe.

In Central Texas, Amy’s Attic Self Storage is a prime facility for storing small equipment. Amy’s Attic offers a wide selection of storage unit sizes, including climate-controlled and/or alarmed units, and parking.

5 Convenient Central TX Locations

With five locations conveniently located near major roads and highways, getting equipment and materials to and from Amy’s Attic will be a breeze. Once at an Amy’s Attic location, accessing your particular unit will be straightforward with Amy’s Attic’s wide driveways.

To protect your valuable construction equipment from theft or vandalism, Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers several security features, such as:

  • password protected electronic gates
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras
  • pest control, and
  • clean, well-lit properties.

Many contractors travel between cities and states. Amy’s Attic Self Storage makes paying for your storage unit easy by offering payment options like auto pay, online or call-in payment at no extra charge. Many construction projects occur during most peoples’ off-hours. The ability to access equipment and materials during non-typical business hours is a must in the construction industry. Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers 24 x 7 gate access at most facilities. Since contractors are not always certain the timeframe for a project or when a piece of equipment may be needed, it is beneficial to not be locked into lengthy storage contracts. Amy’s Attic offers month-to-month contracts on all units and parking services.

Small Construction Equipment and Power Tools Storage Tips

With a great option to store your power tools, construction materials, and small equipment, please follow these best practices listed below when preparing for and during the storage period.

Before Storing

  • Repair any damaged parts
  • Clean equipment completely and dry thoroughly
  • Wipe any wooden handles with linseed oil
  • Lubricate any moving parts of power tools with machine oil
  • Put throttles, levers, and switches in idle (or off) position
  • Drain water from all hoses and tanks
  • Run anti-freeze solution through equipment that uses water (e.g. pressure washers) according to winterization instructions in owner’s manual
  • Check engine oil (if applicable)
  • Drain all fuels
  • Remove battery and store in a dry place away from conductive materials

Storage Position

  • Store all equipment and materials inside if possible in order to protect from elements, varmints, and extra security
  • Store power tools in hard plastic cases to prevent dents, dings, and dust.
  • Store all other tools in cabinets to protect from dust. Place silica gel packs or a rust collector in cabinets for an added protection from humidity.
  • Store all equipment and materials off of the ground. Place on top of wooden pallets or slats to protect from water damage and rusting.
  • Store sensitive electrical equipment, roofing shingles, and batteries (at about 40% charged) in climate-controlled storage to prevent damage
  • Cover flashing and insulation with a canvas tarp to protect from condensation
  • Store in such a way as to have most often used items easily accessible
  • Store with identification numbers visible for inventory purposes

We look forward to serving construction companies and contractors who may be temporarily visiting Central Texas or construction companies who call Texas home. Regardless, we look forward to storing your small equipment and serving you with Texas friendly hospitality.

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