How a Storage Unit Can Help You Prepare for a Natural Disaster in Texas

Natural Disaster Preparedness Texas
Few things in life can be predicted, but being prepared for the worst possibilities can turn a horrible situation down the line into one significantly more manageable. In the case of natural disasters, it’s paramount to have a plan in place for evacuation as well as staying in your home for an extended period.

Texas is the #1 hardest-hit state in America for natural disasters, suffering a staggering $53.2 billion in damages from 2008 to 2018. It’s easy to understand why: Texas is vulnerable to floods, hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other costly disasters. Organizing your most essential personal items to make it easier to pack them up quickly can ensure your most important and treasured items don’t join those numbers.

What is a Natural Disaster?

A natural disaster can strike at any moment, and it is up to you to prepare yourself and your family for the worst. There are many different natural events that can fall into the category of a natural disaster such as: 

  • Flash flood
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Tornado

Each of these are devastating events that may render your home unlivable, with many of your items destroyed. It is essential to know what emergency items to place in a storage unit or other secure location in order to be prepared for an emergency. Keeping your emergency supplies, as well as personal items, safe and dry can save you a lot of money and stress in an already incredibly difficult situation.


Central Texas Natural Disaster History

Texas is known for its natural disasters with many occurring throughout its history. It is ranked first in the US by NASA for a variety of these occurrences and can see, at minimum, one disaster per year.

Austin is argued to be the most disaster-prone city in the state. Central Texas has a variety of land and features that are prone to disasters. With its many pockets of gas or oil underground, water can erode the earth above these pockets and create devastating sinkholes. It is important to note that the southern extent of Tornado Valley reaches into the middle of Texas as well, due to its flat landscape.


Famous Tornadoes in Texas History

THE WACO TORNADO (May 11, 1953)

The deadliest tornado in Texas history touched down at approximately 4pm near Lorena and began moving towards Waco. Estimated to be almost one-third of a mile wide, the massive F5 tornado crossed Waco in a violent fashion. The tornado killed 114 people and injured almost 600 people. 600 homes were totally destroyed by the tornado.



The Jarrell tornado is the most recent confirmed F5 tornado in Texas. This powerful tornado killed 27 people and injured 12 people. More than 40 homes were completely destroyed. View the video below to get a sense of the devastation.



Why Personal Storage?

Placing your most important personal items in a personal storage unit in the event of an impending or possible natural disaster can help preserve family heirlooms, important documentation, as well as any number of expensive or even priceless items from around your home.

If you have early enough warning about an impending natural disaster, a personal storage unit away from your home could be the perfect place to stop by and drop off your important personal items before getting to safety. Your home may have insurance, but many of your personal items do not!


Essential Emergency Supplies

After a natural disaster or emergency, you may need to survive on your own for a few days. Essential emergency supplies packed in an emergency supplies kit will help you during this process. Your emergency supplies kit should be packed to ensure your survival for at least three days.

According to the national emergency awareness and preparedness campaign from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), your items for your supplies kit should be stored in airtight plastic bags that are then placed in one or two containers for easy accessibility and storage. A basic disaster supplies kit should include:

Food and Water

  • One gallon of water per person per day
  • Non-perishable foods that can include canned food and stress foods such as candy
  • Disposable plates
  • Cooking utensils

First Aid and Health Items

  • First aid kit
  • Extra prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications for common issues such as fever, pain, and diarrhea
  • Contact lenses/glasses

Important Documents

  • Copies of you and your family member’s identifications, health records, and insurance documents
  • Cash
  • Copies of your financial account details

Hygiene Items

  • Toilet paper
  • Soap
  • Liquid detergent
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Feminine supplies
  • Garbage bags
  • Toiletry items

You should also keep in mind what additional special supplies you and your family may need while packing your emergency supplies kit.


Best Emergency Supply Kits for Natural Disasters

If you are having trouble putting together your items, these kits are some of the best to purchase and have many of the emergency supplies you may need. Keeping them in a dry and temperature-controlled storage unit could ease your mind when disaster strikes.

  1. American Red Cross
  2. Sustain Supply Co. Premium Emergency Survival Bag / Kit
  3. Rescue Guard First Aid Kit
  4. 2 Person Elite Survival / Emergency Kit


Where to Get Emergency Supplies in Central Texas

Tractor Supply Co.

Phone: (254) 933-7907

Address: 620 West Us Highway 190 Svc Road, Belton, TX  76513


Home Depot

Phone: (254) 699-3554

Address: 3201 E Central Texas Exp, Killeen, TX 76543


Academy Sports & Outdoors

Phone: (254) 742-7350

Address: 1407 Marlandwood Rd, Temple, TX 76502

Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage would be honored to provide a safe environment for your emergency supplies. With temperature-controlled units and an insurance program, we are your best choice for self storage in Central Texas. Please contact us at 855-426-9728 to reserve or rent a month to month storage unit.

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