Top 7 Reasons to Move to Salado, Texas

Are you considering a move to Salado, Texas? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the top 7 reasons why Salado may just be the perfect place for you to call home.

Salado is a charming town nestled in the heart of Central Texas that boasts rich historical roots, cultural attractions, and a prime location. With a small population but a big emphasis on community, Salado offers a peaceful yet vibrant atmosphere that’s perfect for young professionals, retirees, and growing families.

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the top 7 reasons why Salado is a great place to call home. From its friendly atmosphere to its diverse range of activities, we’ll showcase everything this quaint town has to offer. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, join us as we take a closer look at the unique features of Salado that make it an appealing place to live.


1. Small-Town Charm

Salado has all the charm and character of a small town, boasting a cozy population of just over 2,399 residents as of 2023. The town’s steady growth rate is a testament to its enduring appeal, with its population increasing by 0.5% since the latest census. While the town may only span 3 miles, Salado’s downtown area is a hub of activity with an array of unique shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Here, the warm and friendly residents of Salado embody the true essence of community spirit, always ready with a kind hello and steadfast support for local small businesses.

No one is ever lonely in Salado, where the small-town charm is ever-present. This strong sense of togetherness naturally makes it easy to call Salado home.


2. Easy Access to Major Cities

Despite its small-town charm, Salado’s prime location in Bell County positions it conveniently between the cities of Austin and Waco. Additionally, the neighboring communities of Fort Hood, Temple, and Belton are all within a stone’s throw away, making it easy to enjoy the allure of urban life while keeping the tranquility of small-town living. With easy accessibility to major cities, Salado presents a wealth of opportunities for employment, affordable housing, and quick visits into the city.

For those stationed at Fort Hood, commuting from Salado is a breeze whether living off-base or with their families. Salado offers the best of both worlds as the town caters to the growing trend of people seeking an escape from the city without being isolated in the middle of nowhere.


3. Rich History

Salado’s captivating past is one of the most compelling reasons why tourists and locals alike are drawn to the town. With a rich display of 19th-century buildings, landmarks, and museums, Salado’s heritage is deeply ingrained in its identity. The Village of Salado was established on October 8, 1859, alongside Salado College at the crossing of Salado Creek and the Old Military Road. Despite steady population growth in the late 1800s, Salado’s development slowed when railroads were constructed to the north and south of the town.

From the early 1900s until the 1940s, Salado’s population dwindled, but the town’s allure started to spread due to the Stagecoach Inn. As a rest stop for travelers on the Chisholm Trail, the Stagecoach Inn is still one of Salado’s most beloved historic sites. Today, Salado’s remarkable history is an intrinsic component of the community making Salado an exceptional place to call home.


4. Vibrant Arts Scene

Salado’s art community is a treasure trove of creative energy that defies its small size. The town radiates with an eclectic mix of art galleries, clay studios, theaters, and music venues, which showcase the exceptional talent of local artists. From the vibrant Salado Art Fair to the Texas Wine and Rogue Art Fest, the town’s numerous festivals brim with life, music, and culinary delights, providing an immersive experience for all.

However, Salado’s art scene is more than a feast for the senses – it’s also a classroom for those eager to hone their craft. With expert-led classes in painting, pottery, glassblowing, acting, and music, Salado’s galleries, studios, and theaters fuse art with education in a way that has shaped and transformed the town’s creative landscape. As a result, Salado’s art scene continues to attract a diverse community of artists and enthusiasts, further enhancing its unique, dynamic spirit.


5. Affordable Cost of Living

When it comes to finding an affordable place to call home in Central Texas, Salado stands out from the crowd. While the cost of living in Salado is 4% higher than the national average, it remains much lower than its popular neighboring cities, making it an excellent choice for budget-savvy individuals. Salado’s affordable housing market, low taxes, and utility costs make it an enticing destination for those seeking a wallet-friendly lifestyle.

Additionally, with the town’s steady population growth, new construction, and housing complexes have sprung up, providing even more cost-effective options for residents. For those who wish to enjoy a comfortable quality of life without breaking the bank, Salado offers an ideal solution.


6. Great Schools

Salado boasts a top-tier public school system, renowned for its rigorous academic programs and dedication to student achievement. The Salado Independent School District caters to students from kindergarten to 12th grade and has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. With a mix of public district schools and private schools, including four preschools, three elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, Salado offers comprehensive education to learners of all ages. The town’s educational system is a point of pride for residents, with highly-rated schools at every level.

As mentioned previously, Salado was founded in the same year as Salado College but closed its doors in 1885 leaving the town without a college. However, Salado’s strategic location near esteemed colleges such as the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and Temple College presents students with a convenient commute to pursue their academic goals.


7. Beautiful Scenery

Even though Salado is not widely recognized in Central Texas for its natural beauty, the town is home to some of the region’s most beautiful scenery. It’s a wonderful place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Salado is surrounded by loads of nature parks and trails offer picturesque views of stunning landscapes. Chalk Ridge Falls Park and Stillhouse Hollow Lake, both situated in close proximity to Salado, are also beloved destinations for hiking and camping enthusiasts.

For the art lover who wants to get outside, the Salado Sculpture Garden showcases the work of local Texas artists amid an array of native flora and fauna. For those seeking aquatic adventures, Lake Belton is a short drive away, providing ample opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water activities.


Is Salado, Texas a Good Place to Live?

The short answer is yes, it definitely is! Salado offers a family-friendly environment, affordable cost of living, and a strong focus on community well-being. The city is also attracting businesses, leading to a growing population and plenty of opportunities for growth.

While we’ve highlighted the top 7 reasons to consider a move to Salado, it’s ultimately up to you to decide if this town is the right fit. As a self-storage facility in Salado, we’ve experienced firsthand the warm welcome and support from the community. We love being a part of the Salado community, and we are excited to see how the city will continue to thrive.


Salado, Texas Things to Do

Whether you live in the Salado area or are just visiting, there are plenty of exciting activities to keep you occupied on weekends! From the lively art scene to the fun winery and brewery scene, there is a little something for everyone in Salado. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite activities to do and businesses to support in Salado, Texas.



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