What Are Medical Storage Units?

Medical storage units are necessary for many healthcare businesses in Texas today, many of which require a secure and reliable solution for keeping medication and supplies safe. Unlike typical storage units, there are many different factors to keep in mind when it comes to choosing appropriate storage for medication and healthcare supplies. Keep reading as we discover the best ways to store medical / healthcare supplies and the top options for anyone needing this storage solution.


What is the Best Way to Store Medical Supplies?

You can’t just put medical supplies in a non-ventilated warehouse, garage, room, or container and leave them. Unlike other objects you can easily store without considering your storage solutions, you need to think about the temperature of the storage room, how you store these items, and how long they can remain in storage. The CDC recommends that sterile supplies be kept between 8-10 inches away from the floor. When you find a storage unit or space for your medical supplies, you should clearly label and mark the storage unit so that you know exactly where everything is allowed to be stored.


How Do You Best Organize Medicine Supplies?

The best way to organize medicine supplies is by the type of medicine and by the storage recommendations for each item. If you have a lot of supplies that need to be kept cool, then make sure you put them all together in a cooler unit. You should also look at the expiry dates for each item. Try to organize the ones that need to be used up first at the front and then work backward with those with longer expiry dates. Medical supplies need to be checked and monitored regularly so that you don’t have any past their expiry date when you find yourself in an emergency.


Can Medical Supplies Be Stored on the Floor?

Medical supplies typically can’t be stored on the floor, due to the risk of cross-contamination. The CDC suggests that your sterile supplies remain about 8-10 inches above the floor and two inches from the outside walls. Medical supplies also should be at least five inches from any ceiling unless it has a sprinkler head. We recommend using tape around your climate-controlled storage unit to mark these dimensions and stop anyone from placing items too close to the floor.


What is a Medical Storage Room?

A medical storage room is a space that’s designed specifically for storing medical and healthcare items. It may offer you a storage solution different from room temperature and with the dimensions we shared above for safe storage of medical items. It will be designed for keeping medication and supplies safe so that the items can be stored in a way that makes them easy to access while also reducing any chance of cross-contamination.


Advantages of a Medical Storage Room Located Off-Site

There are many reasons to consider an off-site medical storage locker. Firstly, you may find that you don’t have enough space in your hospital, clinic, workplace or current storage unit to give the medicine / supplies the necessary space and proper storage. You’ll also find that these types of storage units are designed specifically with safe storage in mind and will help to improve your items’ longevity. Cross-contamination is a major concern within the medical field, and by opting to follow medical storage units best practices, you can ensure that dust, debris, or other objects don’t make your medication unsuitable for use.


How Do You Store Medicine For Long-Term Storage?

When looking at long-term storage options, you need to think about the length of time you can store your medicine. The shelf life of different medicines will vary, so make sure you don’t aim to put anything in storage for too long. We recommend creating an inventory before you put everything away, which will help you keep track of everything that you have in storage. Make sure you also write down the expiry dates and quantities, so you know what you have on hand and when to bring it out so it doesn’t go to waste.


Enhance Your Self Storage Unit with Medical Cabinets and Bins

A self-storage unit is a good option for medical storage, but you’ll want to make sure you organize everything well to avoid damage and issues further down the line. Investing in medical cabinets and bins will protect the items you store and keep them well organized. You can find bins and cabinets of all shapes and sizes available today, which will support you in making it easy to find the items you’ve stored in the future.


What are Medical Storage Cabinets?

Medical storage cabinets are similar to other cabinets you might use for storage but they are designed with medical and healthcare items in mind. You can buy them in many different shapes, and they’ll offer you a secure and closed storage solution to stop cross-contamination of your medical products. These are good for products that need to remain upright or be stored in a specific way.


What are Medical Storage Bins?

Medical storage bins are typically large storage containers where you can store medical items that maybe don’t need to be lined up in order.  You can put a large quantity of equipment or supplies in these bins, which are ideal for items you can pile on top of one another.

By following the tips we’ve shared above, you can work to store your medical equipment and supplies safely and effectively. Properly storing healthcare supplies is essential to avoid issues and spoilage of items, which can save you a lot of money and effort in the long run. When you organize your items well, you’ll always know where to find something in a rush and always have the supplies you need to support your operations. Our team will be here to help you find the perfect storage solution, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Why Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage serves Central TX with innovative storage units and medical storage services. With six locations across Central Texas, our facilities offer a secure, and clean storage environment for your needs. If you have any medical or healthcare storage questions, then please visit our website at https://www.amysatticss.com or visit a convenient Central Texas location near you.

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