How to Store a Mattress and Bedroom Furniture

How to Store a Mattress and Bedroom Furniture
Humans spend around a third of their lives asleep, and with all that time put away, it makes sense to want to do it in comfort. Indeed, many Texans spend thousands of dollars on mattresses, spring pads, covers, and other bedding items, all of which can deteriorate over time if they aren’t cared for.
Whether you’re planning a bedroom remodel, moving, or storing items after someone moves out, it’s important to organize your priorities. Mattresses or other bedroom furniture can wear down if they aren’t stored correctly, and with how expensive they can be, it’s a costly mistake! Here’s some tips to help you avoid future trouble.

Mattress Storage Tips

Something as large and unwieldy as a mattress can be difficult to store, but it is not impossible if the right tips are followed.


  • Clean the mattress as best as you can. Vacuum over the bare mattress, being sure to get in every nook and cranny of its surface. This will help suck up dead skin cells that mites and other pests may be drawn to.
    • For spots and stains, use an upholstery cleaner, enzyme-based pet odor remover or a mixture of dish detergent and warm water.
    • If you have the time, try deodorizing your mattress by sprinkling baking soda over its surface and allowing that to sit for 24 hours. Vacuum the baking soda up and admire your fresh-smelling results!


  • Take apart the bed frame. Many bed frames, especially metal ones, can be unbolted and folded down to help with transportation and cleaning.
    • When moving and in storage, keep thick blankets over the frame to protect it and keep it from scratching other furniture.
    • Tape a baggie with all the bolts and screws to the frame for safekeeping.


  • Slide the mattress into a plastic mattress bag available at your local Amy’s Attic Self Storage store, place a few fabric softener sheets inside the bag, seal.


  • Keep the mattress flat in storage. Keeping it on its side may cause the springs to shift to one side. Lay a tarp on the ground or on top of other items and store it horizontally to keep it safe.


Keeping items on top of it for extended periods of time can also hurt the springs and cause the mattress to become lumpy and uncomfortable.

Flat Screen TV Storage Tips

Did you know that Texans watch on average 3 hours of TV per day? Not surprisingly, many households in Texas invest in a television for their bedrooms. Because TVs are electronic and fragile, extra care should be taken to ensure they remain in good condition during the moving and storage process.


  • Clean before storing by dusting the screen and exterior. If possible, and you’re comfortable with doing so, try removing its screws and back plate, then dusting its interior using compressed air.


  • Replace the screws and plates, then plastic wrap it immediately to keep it clean and protect from scratches or moisture.


  • Box it up, preferably in the packaging it came in. If you don’t have its original box, then ask a supplier if they have any extras. The foam pieces inside many television boxes can be extremely beneficial towards safe storage.


  • Store it upright and don’t put anything on top of it! This can damage the screen or base over time. Store it between two larger items to keep it upright.

Storing Wooden Bedroom Furniture – End Tables and Dressers

A bedroom tends to have lots of wooden furniture for the comfort of convenience and storage. Wooden furniture needs to be properly taken care of to ensure longevity in and after storage.


  • Clean the furniture by wiping it down for dust from top to bottom. Be sure to remove any drawers, if possible, and wipe down their wheel tracks, backs and undersides.
  • To make sure your drawers stay in good condition, apply a light coat of lubricant to the metal wheel tracks while holding a cloth underneath to protect the surrounding wood. Wipe away any excess lubricant.
    • If your drawers lack any metal and use a wood slide, then rub white paraffin or a beeswax candle on all the parts that connect. Test the drawer, and if it still sticks, then it may need repairs or sanding for a better fit.
  • For even more protection and a satisfying finished product, try rubbing it down with polish. Be sure to check the materials and pick the best cleaning solution that’s safe for your furniture.


  • If you are able, disassemble your furniture to make transporting it easier, and be sure to place each screw in a bag and either tape it onto the furniture or place it in a drawer.
    • If the furniture is wood, it is better to wrap it in blankets. The dresser should have a blanket for each drawer and one for the whole base structure.


  • Do not place your dresser and furniture directly up against an exterior wall in your unit. Water from rainfall may trickle down along that wall through cracks, warping and ruining your furniture.

Mattress Stores in Central Texas

Mattress Firm Temple

Phone: (254) 774-9305

Address: 3012 S 31st St, Temple, TX 76502


The Bedding Express

Phone: (254) 774-7744

Address: 4211 S General Bruce Dr, Temple, TX 76502


Walker Mattress and Furniture

Phone: (254) 613-5593

Address: 2144 N Main St, Belton, TX 76513


Mattress Firm Harker Heights

Phone: (254) 698-0125

Address: 200 E Central Texas Expy Ste 200A, Harker Heights, TX 76548


Mattress Firm Copperas Cove

Phone: (254) 518-5074

Address: 3018 E U.S. Hwy 190 Ste 100, Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage looks forward to storing your mattresses and bedroom furniture. With temperature-controlled units and top notch customer service, we aim to make your storage experience as pleasant as possible. If you are interested in renting a storage unit in Central Texas or have any questions, then please call us at 855-426-9728.

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