What is Long-Term Self Storage?

Long-Term Self Storage

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to keep your home clutter-free but are finding it difficult to stick by it? One of the best ways to go about maintaining a clean home is to get rid of any extra clutter or holiday items. Getting rid of items doesn’t have to mean throwing away, selling, or donating either, but instead, self-storage.

Whether you are looking to clear up some clutter in the house or a place to store your valuables, long-term self-storage is a great way to safely store your belongings without having to get rid of them forever. Find out how you can preserve the quality and lifespan of your valuables through long-term self-storage.


Short-Term Storage vs. Long-Term Storage

The main difference between short and long-term storage is the duration of time. It may seem self-explanatory, but long-term self-storage is typically stored for several months at a time. Some people may opt for even longer than a year depending on what items are being stored. While short-term storage involves less planning and care, long-term storage needs to be done the right way. In order to ensure the longevity of your storage items, you should not only consider how you store them, but where exactly you choose to store them. Picking the wrong self-storage facility could make the difference in your long-term storage molding vs maintaining their original quality.


How to Pick the Best Long-Term Storage?

When selecting the “new home” for your valuables, you want to find a self-storage facility that checks off all the boxes. You’ll want to pay attention to facilities that are nearby, the correct size for your storage needs, and can provide storage for the length of time you need. It is important to note that all of these factors will influence how much it will cost. Make sure to consider them when planning and choosing the right long-term storage for you. While many self-storage facilities may be able to promise you a good deal, it is crucial to not skip out on security or additional amenities.


Amy’s Attic Tips for Selecting Long-Term Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage knows all about what to look for when selecting a long-term self-storage facility. We know what qualities make a facility set apart from the rest. Take a look at our Amy’s Attic recommendations for selecting a long-term storage facility below.

1. Climate Controlled. If you are planning on keeping your belongings in long-term self-storage, you will want to invest in a climate-controlled unit. With the changes in weather, it is important that your items are not exposed to extreme temperatures. This will preserve the quality and lifespan of your belongings.

2. Security. Whether your storage items are valuable or not, you want to make sure they are kept safe. After all, you are paying money to have them kept locked away safely. You should look for a facility that has a gated entry and 24-hour surveillance.

3. Variety of Sized Units. One size doesn’t always fit all, especially when it comes to packing. You will want to find a storage facility that has differently sized units so that you can find the right one for you. It would be a waste to pay for a unit that is too large for your storage needs or too little and crammed for your items.

4. 24/7 Access. Incoming cold front and you need your winter coats in long-term self-storage? Grandma is coming into town and wants to see all the childhood photo albums? You’ll want to get a unit that allows 24/7 access so you aren’t sweating over these scenarios. Anytime and any day you can swing by to get anything out of your units.

5. Location, Location, Location. All of the listed amenities above would be a waste if you choose a facility that is not conveniently located to you. Choose a self-storage facility that is centrally located to your home, work, or school. This will make access smoother and easier for you.


Amy’s Attic Top 3 Packing Tips for Long-Term Storage

1. Stay Organized. Create a packing list to ensure you will pick the right-sized unit for your storage unit. Once everything is loaded into your storage unit, you can also make an inventory list of where all your items are located in the unit. This will make it significantly easier to find items at a moment’s notice.

2. Stay Clean. Before moving your items into storage, you will want to clean everything to remove any dust, mold, or dirt. After cleaning, make sure to wipe everything down completely so there is no additional moisture that may cause mold. The cleaner your belongings are, the longer they will last in storage.

3. Stay Packed. Keep your items in sturdy packing boxes or bins to maximize space in your unit. If you are storing furniture, keep a cotton sheet covering over the furniture to protect it against dust. By staying packed up, you will help maintain the original quality of your belongings.


Long-Term Storage for Military

Rather than shipping your belongings to your duty station, you can opt to have them put in non-temporary storage (NTS). Similar to long-term storage, NTS holds your belongings in storage until you return home. The main differences are that NTS is specific to those who serve in the military and is provided by the government. Not all military will get the same NTS privileges since it has to be applied for based on rank, location, and weight of belongings. For the most part, those who are accepted for NTS can expect to have their items packed, wrapped, and moved to storage for them.

If you do not qualify for NTS, you should consider looking into self-storage facilities that offer military discounts (like Amy’s Attic Self Storage). Amy’s Attic Self Storage appreciates the selfless sacrifice of our U.S. military. To show our appreciation, we are proud to give back to members of the U.S military as well as first responders by providing a special discount. With nine self-storage locations throughout Central Texas, three of those facilities are located just under 10 miles of Fort Hood. Amy’s Attic Self Storage proudly provides storage solutions for our U.S military members in the community.


Amy’s Attic Self Storage

For 17 years and counting, Amy’s Attic Self Storage has proudly served the community of Central Texas through its storage unit solutions. With five locations throughout Central Texas, Amy’s Attic leads the community in residential and business storage solutions. Our State-of-the-Art facilities offer an accessible, secure, and clean storage environment for your needs. No one does it better than Amy’s Attic Self Storage. If you are interested in renting a unit in Central, Texas, or have any questions, please visit our website at https://www.amysatticss.com.

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