Is it smart to get a cheap storage unit? What do you sacrifice?

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Cheap Does Not Mean a Wise Investment

Cheap Units: Getting What You Pay For

One would expect that the experience at any local self-storage unit facility would be relatively the same…

  1. You choose a unit fit for your needs
  2. Secure the unit with the friendly and knowledgeable facility staff
  3. Move your belongings into a unit
  4. Access your belongings at your leisure
  5. Receive your belongings in the same condition when you move-out as they were when you moved-in

Sadly, that is not always the case, many facilities that offer units for below average prices offer below average service, limited facility access, lacking facility maintenance quality, and little “for your convenience” features.

At self-storage facilities advertising “cheap storage”, customers usually find they cannot access their belongings 24/7. At many “cheap storage” facility locations, gate hours are only until 9-10pm. Moving can be unpredictable and packing often takes place in the wee hours of the night. Customers might also fine they unexpectedly need to access something in their storage at the last minute, storage facilities should be secure enough with electronic keypad locked gates and 24-hour camera surveillance that customers can come and go at their leisure. MANY “CHEAP STORAGE” FACILITIES ARE UNFENCED, UNGATED

Cheap Storage Units and Cleanliness

The cleanliness factor at “cheap storage” facilities is usually lacking. Many facilities like this usually limit staff and external maintenance to keep prices low and do not perform routine maintenance as thoroughly or as often as is needed to keep customers belongings in premium condition. It is important that facilities receive regular and thorough maintenance to keep from attracting pest/rodents that might infest customer’s belongings. Regular maintenance also cuts down on debris and dust that discolor and wear on belongings over time. Spending a little more on your unit up-front at a facility known for their cleanliness could save you in costly replacement and repairs of your items in the long run.

Overall, it would be wise to be leery of storage facilities who claim “cheap storage” and offer prices well below average as you may not be able to access your belongings when you need to and you may not get them back in the same condition as when you stored them; not to mention the features and service will probably be lacking as well. It pays to do research on the quality of service, facility features, facility cleanliness, and access hours when choosing your storage unit facility. Cheaper is not always better! CHEAP STORAGE FACILITIES ARE NOT THE ANSWER.

Amy’s Attic Self Storage with five locations in Central Texas is among the most highly rated facilities when it comes to facility access (24/7 Gate Access at most facilities), facility cleanliness, and superior customer service. Amy’s Attic also offers several unique convenience features, such as, the Amy’s Attic Assurance Alliance $1000 insurance plan for when the unexpected and uncontrollable occur, free move-in truck, Military/ ISD/First Responder discounts, and more.

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