How to Store Suitcases and Luggage in a Storage Unit

Have you been traveling this summer? Are your unpacked suitcases and luggage sitting around in your bedroom or living room? If so, now may be time to start looking into storage solutions.

With summer break coming to an end, your suitcases and luggage from vacation will need a place to be stored until the next vacation. While many people may opt to store their suitcases and luggage in an attic or basement, these environments are normally not climate controlled and can potentially expose the bags to mold or mildew.

Instead, professionally managed self-storage units offer a climate-controlled solution that will protect and ensure the longevity of your luggage. If you are looking for some advice on how to store your suitcases and luggage in the off-season, then follow along for some smart tips!


Clean It Out

Whether you backpacked across Europe or hit the beach resorts, your luggage will need a good clean before moving it into storage. The exterior of your luggage can drag dirt, dust, and other outdoor particles into your storage unit. If you have a hardback suitcase, you will want to wipe it down with some disinfecting spray or wipes to clean the exterior.

If you have a soft-top material suitcase, then you will want to use a clean rag and a gentle cleanser. You will want this to be completely dry before moving into storage to ensure no mold or mildew forms. After cleaning the exterior, you will need to start cleaning the interior. Crumbs, dirt, or sand may be sitting at the bottom of your suitcase. You can use a hand vacuum cleaner to suck up any loose particles and then wipe up any stains.

By cleaning the interior and exterior of your luggage, you will help preserve the material and overall quality of your bag in the off-season. Want more in-depth tips on how to clean your luggage? Check out this YouTube video on How to Clean a Suitcase.


Suitcases Inside Suitcases

When your suitcases are empty and in storage, you might as well utilize the free interior space. If you have a few different-sized suitcases, then you should try storing smaller suitcases and bags inside the larger suitcases. This method will not only help save you more space in your storage unit, but also keep your luggage together!

You will want to make sure you don’t force any suitcases to fit inside each other or stretch out any of the material. This cramming would only cause more damage to the suitcase. To prevent that from happening, it is a safe bet that your carry-on will fit inside your checked bag. It may also help to pair with backpacks or duffel bags since they can easily fit inside any luggage.


Store Other Items Inside Suitcases

On top of storing suitcases inside suitcases, you can store other items inside your stored suitcases. Essentially, suitcases are designed to hold your belongings. So, why wouldn’t you store more items inside even when you’re not on vacation?

From clothes and costumes to towels and bedding, your empty suitcases can be the perfect organized compartments for your extra items. It will keep them organized, safely stored, and easy to transport in and out of the storage unit. Utilize every inch of space by finding ways to store more items in your luggage.

Bonus Tip: If you have a vacuum sealer and vacuum storage bags, then you can add more clothes, towels, and bedding into a compressed bag. You can place the vacuum-sealed clothing bags into your suitcase for storage! Learn more about this hack in the YouTube video below.

Luggage Covers

Although many people who have luggage covers only use them for traveling, they can be used to preserve your luggage in storage. Luggage covers offer an inexpensive solution to protect your luggage from dust, other stored belongings, and during transportation.

When looking for the right luggage covers for your suitcases, you will want to look for the right size. Make sure to check that the size of the cover matches the dimensions of your suitcase. Next, you will want to make sure you select the right material. Some of our personal favorites are clear covers, PVC-coated polyester, or elastic dust covers. If you are looking to buy a luggage cover today, then check out our top picks below:


Storage Position

While it may seem logical to store your suitcase on its wheels, you could actually be doing more damage. If you have heavier items stored inside or on top of your suitcase, the wheels could get loose or compressed. Instead, try to give the wheels a break and lean the suitcase on its side or with the front up.

This technique can also add more additional space for lining up the suitcases or allow for a safer stack. Additionally, you will want to be mindful of where in your storage unit you put your luggage. If you have a trip coming soon, then you may not want to put your luggage behind the furniture in your storage unit. Instead, you can put the luggage closer to the front of the unit for easier access.


Where to Buy Luggage in Central TX

Check out these local stores when shopping for your next new suitcase:

  • TUMI Store at 11506 Century Oaks Terrace in Austin, TX
  • Samsonite at Round Rock Premium Outlets
  • Just LoveLeigh – 215 N Avenue D, Clifton, TX 76634


Store Your Luggage at Amy’s Attic Self Storage

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