How to Store Electric Bikes in Texas

Efficient Electric Bike Storage: Tips and Tricks for Storing an Electric Bike in a Storage Unit

Electric bikes are all the rage across cities and towns throughout the United States. This increasing trend has reached Central Texas, where people can get around town with minimal effort. From saving money and the environment to improving overall health, electric bikes have only created smarter solutions for the community. However, since Texas has varying weather, there are seasons when electric bikes must be stored away. Electric bikes are much larger and heavier than standard ones, requiring specific storage.

As experts in all things self-storage, we have just the tips and tricks to help you learn about electric bike storage in Texas. Learn how to safely store your ride and ensure it’s ready for your next journey! Follow along to learn more about our intelligent solutions and tips for optimal electric bike storage.

Understanding Electric Bike Storage Needs in Texas

Purchasing an electric bike is an investment. According to the NCSL, the average electric bike costs $2,000 – $3,000. While the upfront cost is much higher than your standard bike, it will save you money on fuel, maintenance, parking, and insurance. However, like any vehicle, electric bikes will only last as long as you put the effort into caring for them. That is why it is crucial to understand the storage requirements and needs for each type of electric bike.

Factors influencing storage requirements:

  • Space: Depending on where you live, the space available for storing your electric bike will vary. While a garage is common for most people to store bikes, electric bikes tend to be bulkier than a standard bike. Not to mention, not everyone has garage space for an electric bike to be stored. Therefore, it is important to consider where you have the space to store this bike. These are all factors to consider when determining the best storage location for your electric bike.
  • Weather: Like any standard bike, you don’t want to leave your electric bike outdoors exposed to the elements. From rain to shine, weather conditions can cause significant damage to the bike in both winter and summer. Texas’s springtime rainy season and potential winter snow can cause rusting on the exposed metals of the chain, gears, and brakes. On the other hand, Texas’s extreme heat temperatures can cause damage to the inner electric components of the bike. The heat can be too much for the bike, even in a covered outdoor shelter like a garage. Weather plays a significant role in storing your electric bike, so consider temperature-controlled solutions.
  • Security: Electric bikes shouldn’t be left unattended at night if you live in an apartment or condo with bike racks or leave your bike parked outside your house. These bikes are more valuable than standard bikes, making them tempting targets for theft. It is essential to store your electric bike in a safe and non-public location. Electric bikes and their batteries can be stolen even with a bike lock. The safest place for storing an electric bike is inside a garage, house, or in a self-storage facility.

Different types of electric bikes and their storage needs:

  • Cruiser: This classic comfort electric bike is the most common type owned by riders. With up to 20mph speeds and an upright, comfortable saddle, these bikes appeal to casual, recreational bikers trying to get from point A to point B. Cruiser electric bikes typically fall into Class 1 (Pedal Assist). Due to their large size, storing them in a safe, cool garage or a temperature-controlled self-storage unit is best.
  • Commuter: Standard commuter electric bikes have main uses for urban transportation, with speeds reaching up to 28mph. They’re ideal for navigating busy cities like Austin, Houston, or Dallas so that you can weave through traffic in downtown areas. Most commuter bikes fall into Class 3 (Pedal Assist 28mph), with some slower ones classified as Class 1 (Pedal Assist 20mph). Some bikes have folding capabilities for more accessible storage in closets or self-storage facilities.
  • Mountain: These off-road-styled electric bikes are designed for trail riding and can go farther and faster than standard bikes. They’re capable of climbing steep hills and offer acceleration when pedaling. Mountain bikes fall under Class 1 (Pedal Assist) and Class 2 (Throttle Only), allowing riders to go at a maximum speed of 20 mph. Due to their outdoor design, keeping them inside the house is best.

Smart Solutions for a Storage Unit

The smartest thing you could do for your electric bike is to invest in a climate-controlled self-storage unit. This unit will keep your bike safe not only from criminals but also from Texas’s extreme temperatures. These units can be used solely for storing your electric bike or other storage needs. If you have other belongings in your storage unit, you can best utilize space by implementing smart solutions. Here are some of our top solutions to get the most out of your storage space:

Each of these solutions can free up space and make it easier to access your electric bike. If you have limited space, you must get creative using existing furniture or fixtures.

On the other hand, a storage unit can provide the extra space your home might lack. For example, you can utilize vertical space to store your electric bike higher or even at a vertical angle. If you have multiple electric bikes, you can group them in a bike stand or their storage unit section. Utilizing bins or boxes for small parts and charging accessories can ensure no additional clutter collects. You will maximize space efficiency when you use a storage unit.

Texas Environmental Factors to Consider

Texas is known for having summer-like conditions for the majority of the year. While this provides beautiful weather for riding an electric bike, it also makes for some hot and humid storage conditions. Beyond the heat, Texas is no stranger to excessive rain, flash floods, hail, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes. So, when storing your electric bike, you will want to consider the weather.

The electrical components in electric bikes are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Storage must be in an excellent, dry space away from high humidity. It’s essential to ensure that wherever you store the electric bike, it has proper ventilation. This adequate storage will help with odor, heat dissipation, and battery safety. So, that means no outdoor rack storage since it exposes the electric bike to various elements. Typically, storing the bike in a garage, home, or storage unit is advisable, depending on what region of Texas you live in.

Maintenance Checklist for Your Stored Electric Bike

When you put any of your electronic belongings in self-storage, you will want to make sure you are keeping up with a proper maintenance routine, and electric bikes are no different. With the proper routine, you can ensure your electric bike is well-charged and ready for your next adventure. Neglecting bike maintenance can lead to rusting parts, battery degeneration, increased repair costs, and a lower resale value. Therefore, it’s safe to take a few extra maintenance steps after every ride to ensure your electric bike is in the best condition before storage.

Here’s a checklist of some things you can do:

  • Clean the bike of any dirt, grease, and debris.
  • Check your tire pressure and inflate them if necessary.
  • Regularly lubricate the bike chain and drivetrain.
  • Charge the battery to 50-80% capacity.
  • Use a bike cover to block out sunlight, dust, or moisture.
  • Before riding, inspect brakes, bolts, and fasteners.

These periodic maintenance checks will ensure your electric bike stays in the best condition and prevent deterioration during periods of non-use.

Security Measures for Stored Electric Bikes

According to, electronics and bikes are among the top 10 most common items stolen in home burglaries. Since many electronics retain value well, selling on the private market makes a good amount. Electric bikes are valuable, so it is important to keep them protected. While some may lock their bikes up outside and think they are safe, even the batteries can be stolen and resold. Investing in high-quality locks and chains can only do so much to protect your electric bike.

If you really want to ensure security, the best place to store your electric bike safely is at a self-storage facility equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras and gate access. This protection will ensure that your electric bike is secure inside your locked storage unit and provides additional layers of protection. For peace of mind, consider registering your bike and recording the serial numbers in case it gets stolen.

Store Electric Bikes at Amy’s Attic Self Storage

If you live in Central Texas and are looking for self-storage solutions for your electric bike, look no further than Amy’s Attic Self Storage! With our clean and climate-controlled units, along with 24-hour surveillance and gated access, we guarantee the safest storage for your electric bike. We specialize in making storage convenient and affordable to meet all your storage needs.

For 17 years and counting, Amy’s Attic Self Storage has proudly served the community of Central Texas through its storage unit solutions. With five locations throughout Central Texas, Amy’s Attic leads the community in residential and business storage solutions. Our State-of-the-Art facilities offer an accessible, secure, and clean storage environment for your needs. No one does it better than Amy’s Attic Self Storage. If you are interested in renting a unit or have any questions, please visit our website at



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