College Student Storage in Texas

College Student Storage

Life as a college student is marked by transition. A college student’s life changes with the semester: new class schedule, new work schedule, new study buddy, and often, a new housing situation. A world that is always in flux can be challenging and stressful; the last thing a college student needs to worry about is what to do with their belongings while traveling home during break, spending a semester abroad, taking a summer internship in a different state, or moving into the “smaller-but-better-located” apartment. A cost effective, accessible, and secure option for storing your belongings during such transitions is to use a nearby self-storage facility.

7 Convenient Central Texas Locations

With seven easily accessible locations near major roads and highways, state-of-the-art security features, 24/7 gate access at most locations, month-to-month leasing, online payment options, and an over 4.5-star Google rating, Amy’s Attic Self Storage is an amazing storage option for Central Texas’ College and University students.

Amy’s Attic Self Storage also offer climate-controlled units for temperature-sensitive items, such as, expensive textbooks, computers, printers, televisions, and other electronics. At some locations for new customers, we also provides a FREE move-in truck. (please call ahead to verify availability at your location)

Car Parking & Storage Options

If you are flying out of town and need a safe place to store your car, Amy’s Attic Self Storage also offers car parking. Parking your car at a storage facility is good way to ensure that your car is not at risk for getting towed, damaged, or stolen while you are away.


You’ve decided using a self-storage unit is a good option for you, but are unsure what size unit to choose from? Amy’s Attic offers a storage unit sizing guide to give you an idea of what a few of the common sized units college students usually use can hold.

Below find the sizing guide, which Amy’s Attic Self Storage is closest to your school, and some storage tips.

Unit Size

How to Visualize

What Unit Will Hold

5’ x 5’
25 sq. ft.
(1.52m x 1.52m)
(2.32 sq. m.)

4’ x 8’ Trailer
(1.22m x 2.44m Trailer)
Small closet
Half Bathroom

Chest of drawers or desk
Mattress set
Several boxes and small items
About 50 file boxes

5’ x 10’
50 sq. ft.
(1.52m x 3.05m)
(4.65 sq. m.)

6’ x 12’ Trailer
(1.83m x 3.66m Trailer)
Pickup Truck or Cargo Van
Walk-in closet

Chest of drawers or dining room set
Mattress set
Several boxes and small items

5’ x 15’
75 sq. ft.
(1.52m x 4.57m)
(6.97 sq. m.)

Large walk-in closet
Small bedroom

Standard furnishings of one bedroom apartment without appliances
About 150 file boxes

*If you are unable to decide which storage unit is best for your needs, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Amy’s Attic Self Storage would be happy to help!



Closest Amy’s Attic Self Storage Location



Stack books on top of each other horizontally to prevent damage to spines and store in boxes to protect from moisture.


Place furniture on top of wood panels to protect from water that may be on the floor.


Wrap each piece in either bubble wrap, paper, or towels and pack in boxes with heavier pieces on the bottom.


Store in plastic containers to prevent mold and mildew.


Cover a canvas cover and store in original boxes, if possible.


Clean thoroughly, inflate tires, get oil change, fill gas tank, and cover with a waterproof cover (if storing outside).

* Amy’s Attic Self Storage offers packing material bundles

We recognize the important role that colleges and universities play in our community. We look forward to serving students, faculty, staff, and alumni with cost-effective storage solutions.

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