How to Store Collectibles – Baseball Cards, Stamps, and Comic Books

If you are an avid card, stamp, or book collector, then you may be interested in keeping your collectibles in mint condition when stored away. Many of these older paper items are fragile and can easily deteriorate (if not stored properly).

When paper items lose their coloring or tear, they lose value. If you plan (or were hoping) to resell your items, then that can be a big problem. Even if you plan to keep your items for display or personal purposes only, collectibles kept in mint condition are generally the ideal state for collectors. Many Texas collectors over the years have shared their experiences and strategies for keeping their beloved items safe. We are happy to document some of those tips below.


Tips for Storing Paper Items


Factors to Consider For Your Collectibles

Paper Items may include your different game cards, comic books, stamps, autographs, and plenty of other things of value. These collectibles are particularly very fragile and require a lot of care when deciding to store them away. There are three factors to really look at when deciding your location:

  • Sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

These three damaging variables can make a difference between mint condition and damage beyond repair.



Like many items, when kept in the sunlight they begin to fade. This sun damage is especially true for paper items and can make them unreadable and lose most of their value. Make sure you store them away from windows and in opaque containers so light can’t get in.



Humidity is very damaging. You should keep your collectibles in a temperature-controlled area like a storage unit and not your basement or closet where you may not be able to measure or control the humidity levels. Humidity can lead to mold on your items and make them safer to keep in the trash.



Temperature fluctuations should be avoided. Paper items should be kept in airtight containers in a room with a steady temperature. Changes in this variable can lead to warped spines in comic books and distort the form of other items.



General Tips to Keep Your Paper Collectibles Safe


Use The Right Boxes

The best box to use and which have been standard for many, is the archival box. This box is acid free and will keep your items safe from sunlight.


Store Elevated from Floor

It’s best to invest in shelving or placing your boxes of items on a wooden pallet. Concrete can fluctuate in temperature which can lead to damage and there is also the risk of flooding. Keeping your collectibles off the floor can keep them safe and secure while also leaving your space uncluttered.


Acid Free Tissue Paper

This type of paper won’t damage your collectibles, so it’s recommended to first wrap them in these for extra protection. It’s also good to bunch it up in the spaces that are left in your boxes to keep everything in place and not free to move around.


Take Pictures

Creating a photo and written inventory of your items can bring less headache later if something were to happen to them. If you are planning to sell your items, taking a picture before and placing them into storage can also make the selling process much easier and more efficient.



Collectible Shops in Central Texas


Terps Toys and Comics

Phone: (254) 231-3623

Address: 808 S 31st St #5209, Temple, TX 76504


The Book Cellar

Phone: (254) 773-7545

Address: 3 W Central Ave, Temple, TX 76501



Phone: (254) 755-0070

Address: 1321 S Valley Mills Dr, Waco, TX 76711


America’s Heroes Comics & Games

Phone: (254) 501-8556

Address: 3401 W Stan Schlueter Loop Ste. #8, Killeen, TX 76549


Golden’s Book Exchange

Phone: (254) 754-5729

Address: 3112 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76710



Baseball Card Shops in Central Texas


Pro Image Sports

            Phone: (254) 295-0195

            Address: 3111 S 31st St Space 3335, Temple, TX 76502


The Book Cellar

Phone: (254) 773-7545

Address: 3 W Central Ave, Temple, TX 76501


Epic Works Games and Collectibles

Phone: (254) 432-4736

Address: 3301 E. Rancier Drive STE A112, Killeen, TX 76543


The Game Closet

            Phone: (254) 751-7251

            Address: 4008 Bosque Blvd, Waco, TX 76710



Collectibles Storage – Why Choose Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage has the facilities and experience to provide a safe environment for your treasured collectibles, such as baseball cards, stamps, and comic books. With temperature-controlled units and an insurance program, we are your best option for self storage in Central TX. If you have any questions, then please contact us at 855-426-9728 or visit one of our convenient locations. We look forward to meeting you.

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