How to Store a Chandelier

chandelier storage

Any way that you look at it, a chandelier is a gorgeous installation or addition to your Texas home or business. Chandeliers bring tons of personality to a room and are commonly found in foyers, dining rooms, and sometimes bedrooms. However, a chandelier is as pretty as it is delicate. Consequently, moving and storing chandeliers can be risky. There are many small parts that make the chandelier what it is, and it can be a bit intimidating to tackle such a delicate moving & storage project.

Something as complex as a chandelier does require a lot of prep and care when moving or storing. You should be ready to put in some effort during the disassembly, packing, and moving process of this complex lighting fixture. The below tips can help you on your journey to successfully move and / or store something that even the moving and electrical pros admit is quite challenging to install, move, or uninstall.

Tips for Chandelier Storage

The best thing is to be patient, careful, and informed when undergoing the delicate removal and storage of a chandelier. Please be sure to prepare all you can and maybe get some manpower help before undertaking this task.

  • Remove any chandelier pieces you can
    • Removing delicate items, such as light bulbs and hanging crystals, is very important. If left on the chandelier, these smaller items could easily break in transit or storage.
  • Wrap removed pieces
    • You should wrap each light bulb and hanging crystal individually in layers of newspaper or bubble wrap so they do not damage each other. These smaller items should be placed in boxes and marked so you know what is in what box. These accessory items include any hanging arms that can be unattached and a bag for the screws that have been removed to be placed in a box. You might also consider doing a short video on your phone to document the order and how you dis-assembled these smaller chandelier pieces.
  • Packing the chandelier itself
    • The primary or large chandelier fixture should be placed in a box that has room on each side, but just enough for packing peanuts. It should be placed upright evenly on foam with packing peanuts on each side in order to absorb any damage. Place another piece of foam over the top and close the box after ensuring that the bottom has extra layers of tape to seal it.
  • Storage unit precautions
    • Do not stack heavy boxes on top of the chandelier. If possible, place a pallet under the box holding the chandelier. The storage unit should be temperature controlled as the electrical parts can be damaged in extreme cold or heat. Remember to label boxes clearly to make the process easier when removing the chandelier from storage.


Purchasing a Chandelier in Central Texas

Did your chandelier recently break? Are you looking to add a new chandelier to your Texas home or business? See the Central TX stores below for chandelier shopping.


Central Texas Fragile Item Moving Companies

If you know that you are not able to move your chandelier yourself, there is no shame in outsourcing the packing and moving process to a professional Central TX moving company that has experience with fragile items. See local moving companies below that have good reviews.

  • Hercules Movers
    Phone: (888) 300-8359
    Address: 553 W. 38th Street Houston, TX, 77018
  • All of Texas Moving
    Phone: (254) 773-6969
    Address: 1614 W Ave L Suite D, Temple, TX 76504


Amy’s Attic Self Storage

Amy’s Attic Self Storage provides a safe environment to store fragile household items, including chandeliers. With temperature-controlled units and a robust insurance program, we are ready to serve you. If you are interested in leasing a storage unit at one of our locations or have any questions, then please contact us at 855-426-9728.

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