Storing Bounce Houses in Central Texas

Easily, one of the most fun and memorable experiences of any kid’s party, church event, or festival in Central Texas is the bounce house. This activity is an excellent opportunity for children and adults to let off some steam and create lasting memories while getting a decent amount of exercise. In this article, we will examine the history of the bounce house and how to store your bounce house rental between uses properly. We’ll then dive into the places you might see / use bouncy houses and stores around Central Texas while you’ll be able to rent these party pleasers.

History of the Bounce House

The bouncy house is a reasonably interesting commodity. In 1959, a mechanical engineer named John Scurlock created the inflatable structure. Scurlock developed the first bounce house, which was initially an experiment to create inflatable covers for tennis courts, and would refer to it as the “Space Walk.”

In the 1960s and 1970s, other companies began creating structures with eerily similar names, like the “Moon Walk” and the “Jupiter Jump.”

In the 1980s, these inflatable bouncy houses began to use materials like vinyl and nylon, creating a more safe environment for the children that would use them. This safety initiative would also lead to commercial success, as the renting of bouncy houses grew exponentially across Texas.

Popularity skyrocketed, and the safety standards continued to improve. These bounce houses have become one of the most popular attractions at residential parties, carnivals, and fairs.

Uses for a Bounce House

Bounce houses are incredibly versatile, not in the actions but in the settings the bounce houses can be used for. Here are some places you can use your bounce house:

Parties: Bounce houses have become a staple for parties, gatherings, and other celebrations. Though kids are usually the primary beneficiaries, some parties may have bounce houses for adults. Any age range can use these bounce houses to create a delightful event.

Carnivals: While you might not know as many people you’re jumping with, bounce houses at Texas fairs or carnivals can bring you or your children the same amount of fun and fire. These specific bounce houses can be more creative, too, adding a variety of obstacles and races for those who want to showcase themselves.

Work-related events: Sometimes, you might see a workplace in Texas hold a function with a bounce house. These events can blow off steam and showcase team-building opportunities, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Bounce Houses Rentals in Central Texas

Bounce Waco

Phone: (254) 349-5458

Address: 10312 Peony Ln, Waco, TX 76708

It’s Jump-Tastic Bounce House & Photo Booth Rentals

Phone: (254) 392-8089

Address: El Dorado Dr, Killeen, TX 76543

Jump Around Inflatables

Phone: (254) 699-5867

Address: 702 W Mary Jane Dr #7658, Killeen, TX 76541

Jump Around Party Rentals

Phone: (512) 294 2221

Address: 3616 Bass Loop, Round Rock, TX 78665

Austin Metro Moonwalks

Phone: (512) 999 6723

Address: 15406 Connie St, Austin, TX 78660

Jump! Bounce House Rentals

Phone: (512) 796 8877

Address: 4910 W Fitzhugh Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Renting vs. Buying a Bounce House

Depending on your situation, buying a bounce house and storing it between events might make sense rather than renting one. The decision partly depends on how often you will use your bounce house. Here are some pros and cons of purchasing a bounce house:


  • Entertainment: Accessible at all times, kids can entertain themselves, stay active, and learn the beauty of playing outdoors.
  • Convenience: Your bounce house can save you time, money, and hassle.
  • Customization: With your bounce house, you can find one that suits your needs. Some customizations include size, color, and accessories.
  • Resale: If maintained properly, your bounce house can sell for quite a bit should you determine you no longer want it.


  • Buying cost: Although buying a bounce house may be cheaper than renting in the long run, the initial cost may be higher than some expect.
  • Storage: Finding the proper storage unit for your bounce house is vital. Storage is another added expense.
  • Maintenance: When buying, you are responsible for cleaning your bounce house. This process includes regular cleaning and drying.
  • Usage: Depending on the age of those involved, the interest in having a full-time bounce house may diminish over time.

Best Practices for Setting up a Bounce House

A poor setup can cause problems, so make sure your setup process follows these crucial steps to create a safe and fun environment:

  1. Location: Your location needs to be your primary concern. Find a flat, clean area away from obstacles like power lines, tree branches, and other sharp objects.
  2. Follow the Instructions in the Manual: The manufacturer knows how to set up these bounce houses. Read their step-by-step procedure carefully.
  3. Anchoring: Use stakes or sandbags to anchor your bounce house. Be aware that these sandbags / stakes should be out of harm’s way for children. Please also remember that the stakes are sharp and can puncture underground irrigation and plumbing pipes.
  4. Inflate: Use the correct blower to inflate your bounce house. Ensure everything has been fully inflated and secured before allowing anyone to play.
  5. Monitor: Ensure that the bounce house and its occupants are safe by monitoring the usage. Be sure to watch out for high Texas winds.
  6. Clean and Store: After usage, clean and store your bounce house for the next event.

Following these steps will make each time you use your bounce house easy and give every user a fun and safe time.

How to Store a Bounce House

After a fun event in Texas with your bounce house, you must store it properly for next time. These steps are straightforward but essential in maintaining quality and longevity for your bounce house. Here are step-by-step directions on the proper way to store your bounce house for future uses:

  1. Cleaning Your Bounce House: You never know what can be left behind after a get-together involving a bounce house. You’ll have to ensure this bounce house is clean of dirt or moisture before storage. Usually, you can clean these bounce houses with a mild detergent and a soft brush. Once clean, allow it to fully dry.
  2. Deflate: Once you’ve finished cleaning, completely deflate your bounce until no air is left. An excellent way to ensure no trapped air is to open all valves or openings.
  3. Remove Accessories: Should accessories be attached to the central portion of your bounce house, now would be the time to remove them. These accessories can include stakes or anchor straps. Once removed, place these accessories in a separate container or bag and label them clearly.
  4. Fold: Be cautious when folding your bounce house. Make it as compact as possible. Folding from one end to the other and following folding instructions.
  5. Cover Your Bounce House: Using a cover or tarp to protect your bounce house from various outside factors can be crucial in sustaining longevity.
  6. Store Your Bounce House: Store your bounce house in a storage unit that is clean, free of extreme temperatures, and well-ventilated
  7. Avoid Compression: it is vital to not stack items on top of your bounce house, letting the bounce house breathe and ensuring it remains folded the way it originally was.
  8. Checkups: Every once in a while, make sure to check to make sure your stored bounce house is still intact. Checkups are crucial, especially since these bounce houses have been stored for an extended period.

Bounce House Fails (beware of high Central TX winds

Bounce houses can be great entertainment. But sometimes, things don’t go so smoothly for the user. Here are some great (and fun) examples of bounce houses not going to plan:

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