Top 3 Best Places to Ride ATVs and UTVs in Central Texas

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Central Texas is the perfect place for riding ATVs and UTVs. Belton, Copperas Cove, Harker Heights, Killeen, Salado, Temple and Morgan’s Point Resort all have amazing spots spread out over many acres of land, with trails and terrains designed for off-road riding.. We picked the top 3 places to ride ATVs and UTVs for anyone looking to enjoy the open-air adventure of riding over challenging obstacles, jumps, mud pits, sand pits, and more! We’ll also let you know where and how you can store your ATV or UTV when you’re done riding, to make sure it’ll be in top shape for the next adventure.

1. CTOR Trail Riding

Central Texas Off-Roaders is located in Killeen, just off of the Lampasas River. CTOR is a small private club for dirt bike and trail riding enthusiasts that is perfect for any ATV rider in Central Texas. They allow single seat ATVs but no side-by-side or UTVs. CTOR has beautiful views and fun trails for any skill level, with a great range of terrains and directional trails ranked from easy to extreme! They have annual membership plans, but also offer single day memberships to try it out. Check the rules and call before you haul! CTOR is also just 10 minutes away from our Amy’s Attic Self Storage location at Harker Heights, making for easy and convenient storage! For more information, visit

2. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Located a little over an hour from Killeen, Hidden Falls Adventure park is worth the drive. Hidden Falls is a 2,100-acre offroad adventure park. With such a large park, they offer miles and miles of fun trails for both ATV and UTV. They have many membership options to fit your needs, whether you want to ride for just a weekend or a full year. Looking for an overnight outdoor adventure? They offer camping after you are done riding the trails. Hidden Falls also loves dogs! You can bring your furry friend along for the ride, just be sure that anytime your dog isn’t in your vehicle, it is on a leash.

3. Emma Long Metropolitan Park

Emma Long Metropolitan is a beautiful park located just an hour outside Salado in Austin, Texas. Offering about 9 miles of trails for ATVs, UTVs and Dirt Bikes, Emma Long is a smaller park, but offers plenty of amazing sights to see. There is a small fee to enter, but they offer picnic areas, restrooms, a huge parking lot, trail maps, camping, swimming, boating, and more. Almost all of the trails are winding single tracks with unbanked turns and rock-step climbs. They are perfect for beginners and experts alike. For more information, visit

How to Properly Store Your ATV or UTV

Once you are done riding around Central Texas, it’s really important to store your ATV or UTV properly to keep is in pristine condition for your next ride. You don’t want to overlook any storage issues that could cause long term damage or deterioration of your vehicle–in other words, anything that could prevent you from having a fun day on the trails.

1 – Clean your vehicle
Wash your ATV or UTV by soaping it down and rinsing off any mud or debris. Lubricate anything that takes grease on the vehicle, such as the drivetrain, and protect the exhaust pipe by spraying WD-40 into it to prevent rust.

2 – Drain the Fuel and Protect the Battery
A common mistake is forgetting to drain the tank. Remember to drain the fuel lines and carburetor as well. This will prevent any condensation buildup and protect the internals of your ATV or UTV. If you are storing your vehicle long-term, it is also a good idea to change the oil and hook your battery up to a battery tender, which uses a small amount of juice to keep your battery charged.

3 – Inflate the Tires and Cover your ATV
Tires will slowly deflate over time, so if you are storing your ATV you will want to inflate them before putting the vehicle in storage. After you have protected the tires, protect the outside of your ATV by covering it and finding a good storage location that is dry and doesn’t get too cold. When covering your vehicle, make sure to get a cover that is breathable and won’t hold moisture that will buildup mold or cause rust over time.

ATV UTV Storage Near You – Where to Store Your ATV or UTV in Central Texas

Storing your ATV or UTV close to the trails is key, as it allows you to get there earlier and spend more time having fun! Amy’s Attic Self storage has great ATV and UTV storage options. If you are going to CTOR, our Harker Heights location is just 9 miles away from the trails. Hidden Falls Adventure Park is located about an hour from our Copperas Cove location. Finally, Emma Long Metropolitan Park is located about an hour from our Salado location.

Amy’s Attic Self Storage has been proud to serve the community of Central Texas since 2004, with many locations in towns across the region. If you want storage for your ATV or UTV, Amy’s Attic has the stellar service and top-of-the-line facilities you need to keep your vehicle running strong. Our units are climate-controlled, monitored at all hours, and highly accessible. Find the storage facility location nearest you at

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