Central Texas High School Football Fall 2022 Schedules

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While many people recognize Texas’s impressive college and professional football teams, there are many notable Central Texas high school teams that can bring out just as many fans! 

As summer break approaches the school year, the Central Texas community has Friday Night Lights to look forward to! High school football players have been training hard all summer long to give their Fall 2022 season everything they have got! From tailgates and packed-out bleachers to cheering on our Central Texas local teams, the high school fall football season is going to be nothing short of exciting. As fans, Amy’s Attic Self Storage has gathered together the football schedules of the teams in our community. It looks like the 6A Region II District 12 Football schedule will be extremely competitive this season. Plan on showing up this season to support your favorite local high school football team!

Amy’s Attic Self Storage is excited to cheer on our local teams as they approach their 2022 season!



9/23   vs. Temple              Home

9/30   @ Copperas Cove   Away

10/14  vs. Weiss               Home

10/21  @ Midway               Away

10/28   vs. Hutto                Home

11/4    @ Harker Heights    Away


Copperas Cove

9/30     vs. Bryan                Home

10/7     @ Weiss                  Away

10/14   vs. Midway               Home

10/21   @ Hutto                    Away

10/28   vs. Harker Heights   Home

11/4     @ Temple                 Away



9/23     @ Midway                 Away

10/7     vs. Harker Heights    Home

10/14   @ Temple                  Away

10/21   vs. Copperas Cove   Home

10/28   @ Bryan                    Away

11/4      vs. Weiss                  Home


Harker Heights

9/23     @ Weiss                       Away

9/30     vs. Midway                   Home

10/7      @ Hutto                       Away

10/21    vs. Temple                   Home

10/28    @ Copperas Cove       Away

11/4       vs. Bryan                     Home



9/23      vs. Harker Heights        Home

9/30      @ Temple                      Away

10/7      vs. Copperas Cove       Home

10/14    @ Bryan                        Away

10/28    vs. Midway                    Home

11/4      @ Hutto                         Away



9/23      vs. Hutto                          Home

9/30      @ Harker Heights            Away

10/7       vs. Temple                       Home

10/14     @ Copperas Cove           Away

10/21     vs. Bryan                         Home

10/28     @ Weiss                          Away



9/23        @ Bryan                          Away

9/30        vs. Weiss                         Home

10/7        @ Midway                        Away

10/14      vs. Hutto                           Home

10/21      @ Harker Heights             Away

11/4        vs. Copperas Cove           Home



9/2        @ Rudder Bryan                 Away

9/9        vs. Malakoff                        Home

9/16      vs. Little River Academy     Home

10/7      @ Robinson                        Away

10/14    vs. Gatesville                      Home

11/4      vs. Madisonville                  Home

*Not a part of 6A Region II District 12


Amy’s Attic Self Storage is a proud fan of our local high school football teams! Since 2004, we have focused on maintaining our Customer Care approach by supporting our great community! Each of our 5 locations provides air-conditioning, 24-hour surveillance, and accessible storage units.

If your school or team is looking for a place to store extra training equipment or backup uniforms but needs them to be accessible, then look no further than Amy’s Attic Self Storage. Our temperature-controlled storage units can keep your out-of-season football gear and training equipment safely protected against Central Texas weather. We can guarantee your team has the cleanest and safest self-storage option in Central Texas.

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